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  • Ethan Chandler

Astro Digital Interview

Astrodigital is a Salt Lake City born and raised producer that is guaranteed to put you in a melodic trap coma. Despite being raised in a family of musicians, Astro didn't always see himself becoming a hip hop producer. He was taught drums at an early age by his father who is also a drummer but always saw himself taking a more generic route in life focusing on school and work. But if there is a will, there is a way, and Astro said "Fuck it. Why not both?" A semester into his college career on a typical boring school day he decided to download FL studios, a program a lot of the top producers use to make beats. A few YouTube tutorials later and a quick schooling from his producer friend "KZ", Astro was well on his way to making the hits you hear today. Working with local artists such as Sabbath27k, Helio, Roddy, Pur2x and 95Dan, Astrodigital has made a name for himself in the SLC scene and we only expect it to go up from here. He has also landed an unreleased collab with the "Ransom" artist "Lil Tecca", so don't get it twisted he is not only making local moves but global moves as well.

As we mentioned before Astro's dad is the main influence behind his musical ways. He is a local drummer that plays for a few different Mexican bands. With Astro's parents both being from Mexico he also was raised listening to mainly Spanish music. Around 2005 he started to venture off into the rap world listening to exactly who you would expect for that time frame. Lil Wayne, 50 cent, Snoop Dog, Kanye West, Akon etc. After the years of inspiration building up, it was only right Astro did more with his musical talent and began cooking like his life depended on it. After learning the basics of beat making he decided he was going to focus on collaborating and building connections using his instagram. He then started making melodies and sending them to different producers and saw a rise in interaction. With other producers using his loops and melodies and artists using his beats he noticed that he could easily have a foot in this game. As fluent as Astro may make producing seem it has not always been an easy road for him. Being a full time student and worker, it was hard for Astro to find time to put aside for music, but with good time management he was always able to find a balance to maintain making beats. Now as a graduated student it is much easier for him to find the time so we are expecting big things out of Astro in the upcoming months.

Astro uses music to artistically express himself and in the process of doing so he has met many creative and artistic people that help influence him become the artist he is today. Astro mentioned to us his biggest focus as of right now is to build connections with other artists and producers. Chemistry is something that is very important to him and by building genuine connections he feels the music will always come fluently. He also mentioned he has no interest in competing or trying to outsell other artists but is more interested in making amazing music and connections while finding his own unique sound.

"Eventually, you will be at a point where you are comfortable enough with the rules that you can start breaking them and this leads to where you find your sound and you start standing out."

Two people that have influenced Astro's music and grind are Internet Money's "KC Supreme", and an RIPDaydream local favorite "Sabbath27k!" Sabbath is one of Astro's closest friends and they have helped each other grow and mold into the artists they are today. Every time they link they bust out 2 or 3 different songs in one session, but it is not always about the music. They have a genuine connection and as Astro said, the music comes fluently after that. They also work closely together finding new connections with producers and artists that will help them all build. This is how Astro began working with KC Supreme. As him and Sabbath both drew inspiration from Internet Money they got a foot in the door and have tapped in with KC and gotten a few studio sessions in. Looking back Astro can only chuckle at how far he has come. Early in his producing career he DM'd KC Supreme asking for advice and was left with no response. Now being in the studio making organic music it only goes to show that hard work and dedication can get you to the right places in no time.

Be on the lookout for Astro in the near future. With many unreleased songs coming soon Astro shows no signs of slowing down. Astro is a connection god and has made his name known with very few songs even released, but by linking and working with other artists and by pure word of mouth . With that being said he is looking forward to everyone hearing his new sounds and to show you the music he has been working on with global and local artists.


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