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Blacc Emergence - Contagious

Your favorite rapper's favorite rapper is Blacc Emergence hailing from Salt Lake City. When his pen meets paper a therapeutic outlet pours out over the page and spills into the ears of his fans. Bring a group of strangers in for a blind listen and they will all fall in love with his music. With one of the most unique voices I have ever heard, and a clear out-of-the-state influence the twenty-seven-year-old artist sticks to a fresh take on Hip Hop going bar for bar with a strong message. His raw flow sheds a light on the darker moments of his life, but with a hopeful outlook that his fans can relate to. His new single Contagious literally will have you contracting a new appreciation for Hip Hop and speaking your own truths. Many artists have followed the bandwagon to new waves of music that pop up daily, but not Blacc Emergence who has stuck to the Hip Hop roots. Let's dive into his story and where it all began.

Blacc Emergence was raised in West Valley but was fortunate enough to have parents from Compton and San Germàn that allowed him to experience different perspectives and cultures. Included with his travels he moved to Florida for three years which helped influenced him. Being a person of color and having a single mother with two siblings there were roadblocks already laid out for him. I asked him to tell me more about these challenges and he said, " There was a time or two I was the only black person in my school. Being discriminated by school boards due to my hairstyle choices, having the feeling that I never quite fit in, and having your potential doubted before you've even spread your wings can be mentally taxing." He went on to say, "I remember seeing my grandma scrape change together just to get me a burrito from Betos, shit was rough, even with that I remain thankful because at the end of the day I can say I never went without the essentials." Blacc Emergence's father was incarcerated for a crucial age gap in his development. I also got to learn his house had been raided, he was in court himself at age twelve and was introverted on top of all of this. Even with this heartache and struggle, he has made a positive outlook on life for himself and now gets to express his story through music. No matter how serious times have been for Blacc Emergence he has tried to shine a light on those that follow his example. He is so genuine that loving relationships are the most important to him. When his friends and fans win then he wins. Now his initial dive to jump into music was with the unfortunate passing of his grandmother. She had a strong desire for him to play drums and be musically active so he decided at age thirteen to write his own music and hasn't stopped since.

With Hip Hop being the staple for Blacc Emergence's music journey his influence dates back to dancing as a baby to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and TLC music videos. The music in his blood originated from his grandfather whose band opened up for the Commodores and Earth, Wind, & Fire. There is one chance to chase your dreams and for Blacc Emergence he didn't want to waste any time not doing what he loved. Since starting to write his own music, he has released a stacked catalog of Hip Hop songs. His new single "Contagious" was conceived when the talented Wav Lee sent him a beat pack. There was something about the instrumentals that were contagious that gave Blacc Emergence the idea for the name. I asked him about the process of making this new single and he said, "I was reflecting on how short life can be and how many variables or challenges we'll come across that we have no control over. From the earthquake that hit us during covid to the toxic air, we constantly breathe in Salt Lake City and seeing the water levels decrease at our reservoirs, on top of me dealing with health complications involving my lungs and not knowing the cause; I find myself often wondering why." His introspective thoughts and collaboration with engineer Adam Banx helped create one of his best songs to date. Giving his fans lyrics about real-world problems going on right in their own backyard. With a growing scene in Salt Lake City, but not a necessary direction of where it's going Blacc Emergence is paving a wave for artists to follow his lead in lyricism, wordplay, and giving fans a positive message. If you go to local shows you are bound to see him either supporting fellow artists or performing. I am very intrigued and will be watching his growth as an artist. We get new songs from him every month for the rest of the year with visuals included. I think it's time we all recognize Blacc Emergence as one of the original goats of the Salt Lake City Hip Hop music scene.


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