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Broken Halo - Dogma Society

Dogma Society is back with another single that's sure to make your parents think you have a mosh pit going on in your room. Broken Halo, produced by Erlax, gives us a new age hardcore punk with a unique underground sound. I have seen the progression of this group and like Dragon Ball Z, this isn't even close to their final form. On a war path to send out their message, Dogma Society is here and not going anywhere anytime soon.

The song starts out with a guitar intro that makes you feel like you need to prepare for a battle. In this case it's a battle against society and sending a message, this is a new age of thinking. The group chooses to be vulnerable with their fans which is easier to relate to. Listening to Dogma Society, I can't stop thinking about Rage Against the Machines and how both groups challenge the norms. The group hasn't built a following like every other artist. Instead, every single one of their fans is family and they pay attention to them. Not many people can say that, and have the influence to make a change that actually matters. I see big things for this group and cannot wait to hear this live and be right in the middle of the mosh pit.


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