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Ceefoe - Shiesty Flow

When I first heard Ceefoe "Love Letters 4 the Trenches - EP" I knew right away this man meant business. There is a constant influx of artists coming and going every day, but there is no question Ceefoe stands out in front of the pack. He is helping shape his community and music scene around him with a stand-out role. His new song Shiesty Flow is a triumph, to say the least giving us an unreal flow and wordplay that screams to be on your summer playlists. It is arguably the best song he has released yet giving him a head start on a break out year. Accompanied by a Mad Max feel music video that's desert setting is perfect to match his raw lyrics. Throw in dirtbikes, UTVs, Ski masks, and a fast chase you get one wild video.

Growing up all over Orange County Ceefoe was shaped by the environment around him. Bouncing from different schools he saw everything from private schools with fifty thousand dollar cars to neighborhoods with way less. This contrast gave him a wider outlook on life. Football was his main outlet growing up with typical weekends getting into things he wasn't supposed to. In 2015 to finish off high school he moved to Salt Lake City where he resides today. Everything he has experienced is written in his music.

“The first time I remember finding my first album was "D12 World" in like 2004-5 I was 7 or 8 and I found it in my older brother's drawer where he would put on the shit he would hide from my parents and I was that little brother that snooped around his shit to see what he had cus he was like 7 years older than me."

Not even knowing why at first Ceefoe fell in love with the aestheitc and beats of the music. Itunes and Limewire also were popping up at the time so he would sit down every day and try to find new music on youtube and download it and then burn his own CDs. Circling back to football there was a tough choice ahead for Ceefoe. He had dedicated his whole life to the game, but while everyone around him was receiving offers to play in college he had nothing in the mail except one from a Junior College in Arizona. Like any other graduate, he decided his next step was college. Deciding on Junior college in Arizona he only lasted a couple of weeks before he realized it was not for him. It was time for him to go full in on music. He hit a lot of roadblocks trying to convince his parents of his new path in life, but eventually convinced them this wasn't a shot in the dark. Already creating a buzz on Soundcloud he built on the opportunity and never looked back. Now he is a fully independent artist and every success he has was done all on his own.

“I just wanna take this as far as I can go with it, I wanna make a way for my people I wanna make good quality music and share my talents with the world and let people see my art and feel it whether it's through a video or song or its the cover art. I have a major hand in everything I do and put out & I just wanna open opportunities for myself and my family and friends so we can live comfortably.”

Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa were the first artists that Ceefoe looked up to. He studied their music and personas top to bottom. Falling in love with their wordplay and lifestyle he wanted to be just like them. Nowadays he loves a little bit of everything. Whether it's Rap, Country, or Reggae he consumes all of it. As an artist, he has a different appreciation for music and if it sounds good he will respect it. You can tell Ceefoe has done his homework based on how he represents himself and focuses on wordplay in his new music video "Shiesty Flow". Teaming up with Director FilmD the video symbolizes Ceefoe is coming harder than he has ever come before. The video is a constant chase scene drawing inspiration from the fast-paced movies "Mad Max: Fury Road" and "The Purge". Taking the next steps Ceefoe is becoming who he was destined to be. If I was a gambling man I would put my money on Ceefoe to be the next big artist out of Salt Lake City.


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