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Coblin - Dice!

If twenty-two-year old rapper Coblin isn't on your radar he is about to be. With one of the coldest flows in Salt Lake City and a mission to give your ears some remedy, you might just want to hold on to your seat. His new song Dice! is everything Hip Hop needs right now. His raw lyrics make you want to start a moshpit with family members in the room. The production on the new single was done by Jules. Basically, when you listen your getting natural-born talent with the special ingredients Coblin sprinkles on the track. The new single is accompanied by a music video directed by Eudonerio Quiroz. Painting a picture of how Coblin lives and what he is all about this is only one of three new songs he has blessed us with.

Coblin is a part of the duo Blockparti along with Benjamin Major. They are here for a good time and to turn up any crowd that is lucky to see them perform. Now you are probably wondering, "where did all this rage start?" Coblin has loved music since he was five years old. Being taught piano first from his mom at home which lead to guitar lessons and then to bass lessons and now writing raw Hip Hop anthems. Coblin told me the story of the moment he decided to make his own music, "To be completely honest I decided after a certain acid trip with a good friend of mine, where we figured out that there are different levels to everything. And in that I decided that even if I didn’t become the most famous artist, I wanted to spend all my days at least trying to get close, bringing me to whatever level that may be." This became his only focus and he was locked in from that point on. His fans owe him a thank you card for taking this one acid trip. There is something to say about someone this hungry to put out hit after hit.

For many artists they have a background in just writing or potentially producing. For Coblin he preaches about knowing the whole process. He writes, records, and engineers himself. He even dabbles in producing his own beats. This renaissance man gives me flashes of Golf Wang back in the day. I asked Coblin about his sound and he said, "I am obsessed with knowing how it’s made so that I may make my own new product. In this, I have made a sound that literally nobody can match, while also growing into my own sound that I am very confident in, making it easier to stand out in different shows, and also making me very versatile and can feature with a broad spectrum of other local artists." Let's just say Coblin is here to stay, and I would hop on board right now or you might get called a bandwagon fan soon.


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