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  • Anthony Palmer


Buppy starts off the new year with a single and music video that has been highly anticipated through a growing Tik Tok presence. Teaming up with frequent collaborator Ripdaydream the visuals set out to lay the ground work for the underlying feeling LA can leave an artist chasing their dreams. Hitting on themes, a teenager feels loss and regret. Sometimes paradise can have its downfalls and the cold can creep in. Buppy's raw, melodic lyrics paired with intense imagery paint a picture of his struggles. His vision is seen throughout all his work and he is on track to be a rising star.

Working with Buppy, there is always an unspoken rule to make the next project even better. Our opinion of making music videos is for the purpose of telling a story, and that is exactly what Cold Nights In Hollywood does. Utilizing polaroids as a symbol of the good, bad and ugly memories we all experience. Sometimes taking a step back and seeing life through pictures, you can truly feel what an individual experiences.

I implore you to check out his music discography and instantly feel connected to his story.

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