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  • Ian Huber

Cuka Beats Interview

Hailing from Durres, Albania, twenty-year-old producer Cuka Beats is constantly cooking up some of the most captivating beats imaginable. Not worrying about the industry, following trends, or leaning too heavily into one genre, Cuka isn't afraid to break a few rules when it comes to his production style. Using Albanian music and culture as inspiration he has truly made a sound of his own. Complex and layered, he is a master of blending many unique sounds, some melodic and raw, while others almost mean sounding, that makes your upper lip snarl.

Cuka has always been fascinated by music but didn't get into making it until his teenage years in Utah. He began by freestyling over Youtube beats and making beats on his phone, admiring the beauty of the melodies and drums. This ultimately blossomed into a love of production. Before he had a computer, he watched countless Youtube videos where he learned how to do a lot of the stuff he is doing today. Using beat-making as an escape from reality, he continues to work on finding and developing his sound, which is constantly evolving. Being a producer is a learning process and he has had to make many sacrifices in order to perfect his craft. Focused on building a foundation with the artists around him, Cuka says he won't stop making music until he makes a change in the world and pushes a new sound into the industry.

"I want to show people that you can do whatever you want when it comes to music, there are no rules."

He is doing what he loves and is creating what he loves, and that's making timeless music. Music that people might not understand now, but when it's his time, the whole world will change their perspective on it. It's hard to categorize his beats, he infuses trap sounds into other genres which sets him apart from others. When asked what was next he replied, "Just working harder and harder, got so much work to do. Still feels like I haven't even started the hard work yet." Needless to say, Cuka and his chaotic trap beats will be making noise for the foreseeable future.


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