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DXCKLIN - Stuck In the Middle

Navigate through the riddle of how to balance school work and musical greatness lies Grant Dacklin a.k.a DXCKLIN. This hybrid producer and artist has just released his new Anti pop single, Stuck in the Middle. Delivered to those who are considering cramming their next paper due at midnight so they can feed their obsession with a little thing called music. In your face unapologetic vocals mixed with Hyper pop production scream to be the next song you rock out to in your car. When they remake "School of Rock", this song is going to be what they win the battle of the bands with. The Ramones like energy will make you unleash that stress and hopefully not get you in trouble with your neighbors for a sound complaint. Hybrid artist isn't just a title you can give out to anyone. DXCKLIN has checked off all the boxes and is becoming so versatile that he might just be famous in several careers.

Transforming into a hybrid artist has some sort of beginning. For DXCKLIN, the beginning is not what you think. The clear set path in his mind was professional dancing. Eat, sleep, dance were the three layers to his pyramid of life. Senior year of high school, however, can change your perspective on the future. Since music is so heavily associated with dancing, his heart was already invested. The best place to learn music and have a shot at making it, according to the music gods, is the sunny state of California. DXCKLIN currently attends CalArts while also feeding his fans cravings for songs to listen to when upset. Balancing not failing school and following your dreams is exactly how it sounds. Artistic philosophers are still trying to figure out if school is the route to go in any art form. I asked DXCKLIN his thoughts and he said, "CalArts has introduced me to other forms of the production besides commercial music like scoring student short films, and audio/visual installations. I wouldn’t have thought about doing that nor being interested if it weren’t for my choice to go to school." With so many different opinions and experiences you will have to make the decision for yourself.

Now DXCKLIN didn't jump from dancing to making this new single. Producing was where he found his initial home and talent. Working with many talented artists from Utah to California, he is establishing why you should work with him. Gravitating toward a Punk/Hyper pop production fits him into an emerging new wave of DIY artists. Taking his own venture into writing music and dabbling into Anti pop, there isn't a clear ceiling for this guy. I asked DXCKLIN why he chose this life over a 9-5 job and a 401-k and he said, "Art is subjective which makes your career unclear to someone who doesn’t understand music, versus a 9-5 is built for you, anyone can see that career path clearly. Eventually your love for the art that you do overtakes everything else, any judgment is gibberish and the risk of choosing to be an artist disappears." Removing fear is at the top of the impossible list for most, so finding the thing to tip the scale is key. DXCKLIN has a very promising future ahead of him. We can expect a music video accompanying his new single and more production credits to add to the wall. Infecting you with his positivity and outlook on life is what will make his fans follow him for life.


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