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EuroVamp - Dizzy

EuroVamp is quiet when you first meet him, but don't let that fool you because his music is turned all the way up to make you want to rage. His new album, Dizzy, will have you up and out of your seat ready to get ignorant. The album is heavily influenced by Whole Lotta Red, however, its production makes that album seem mild. His voice sounds like the collapse of the world is coming in a positive way. If the goal of the album was to have its listeners head smashing like an alien hypnotized then it succeeded. Fill that in with loads of word play and a bass loud enough to shake a ceiling you get a full masterpiece. Everything comes from stories in his past and current experiences presently happening. The project came to fruition over a few month span with the help of producers Adam Banx and Phormantha. Each song is better than the next and has one speed all the way through.

"I want people to turn the fuck up and rage hard af. Whether that’s at a show, work, working out, or at a party. I want something that can make people feel like they are the Shit when they put it on."

Hailing from Dallas Forthworth Metroplex, but growing up in Salt Lake City Eurovamp listened to everything funk and R&B. His soul though found its calling once his ears were introudced to the Carter III. In high school he would spend his time freestyling and learning how to write building his powers. Now a days the same process helps him write his songs today. Drawing inspiration from Young Dolph, Future, Playboi Carti, Young Thug, Pop Smoke, Yeat, Lil Keed, Lil Uzi, Old Lil Wayne, and Surf, gives him a wide versatile range to his music. His new album is Hyper Trap with high energy, loud bass, and unique synths. EuroVamp wants people to turn the fuck up to his music and rage. Whether its at a show, work, working out, or at a party. The music will make them feel like they are the shit. Utah is full of artists just waiitng to burst out of this bubble confining them all in. EuroVamp is bringing something special to the table and I can't wait to see him get the recoginition he deserves.


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