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FALETTI - Selfish

The Faletti brothers are redefining what true brotherhood really means. Music is everything for these two and their angelic voices on their new single Selfish are about to have you feeling withdrawal if you don't listen just one more time. The melodic harmonies alone give your skin goosebumps and transfer your mind to a pensive bed of thoughts. Producing their own work translates straight to your ear and each beat is felt deep to your core. Redefining R&B/Pop with an alternative flavor these two brothers are on track to being the next big pop stars.

Both brothers produce, sing, and play instruments to top it off. Everything is split down the middle 50/50 of creative juices going into their work. What is better than working with your best friend and sibling on something you both love? I asked them what big moment made them want to become musicians and they said, "I wouldn’t say one moment necessarily decided it for us. Going to concerts for artists like Logic, Jon Bellion, G-Eazy, and a bunch of other artists we loved as kids overtime I think inspired us to start making our own music. It was almost a FOMO situation where we would see them up on stage and just be like, “dang I wish that was me!”." The duo's goal is to be a positive influence on those around them. Being able to relate to an artist speaks volumes and Faletti makes music for whatever their audience is going through. Their new single Selfish embodies this and focuses on toxic relationships that we all have faults in. "Listen to it, and take it however it fits," Faletti told me. The song is co-written/produced by fellow artist and friend Obi Ben. Luckily for their fans, there is tons of new content coming all 2022. In fact, they are dropping new songs every two weeks all year long. They assured me that the songs only get better and better.


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