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Hellbound - Dirty Mike

One of the hidden gems in the underground scene right now is Dirty Mike. Now our origin story starts with a little show called MTV. Glue your face to the television and its bound to give you the idea to join a band. For me, my master plan to become a famous rockstar didn't get off the ground, but Dirty Mike found his way in at age sixteen. Hardcore bands were his interest at first, but Dirty Mike wanted to convert some of the thoughts in his head to paper. This was hard to do in a band where everything was a group decision. There was one more thing, he loved to sing. No limits and no one telling him what to write have now led us to his new tape, Hellbound.

The Hellbound tape gives you a little bit of everything. The beginning track right away brought me back to early 2000's rock. Other tracks giving everything from alternative to emo rap melodies. There was no initial game plan with this tape. Every fire song Dirty Mike made over the last two years ended up in a folder labeled "new tape". These songs have been just waiting to be released for our listening pleasure. The tape's title sounds like an epic horror movie. Dirty Mike told me, "I don’t really believe in heaven or hell, but I was always told the shit I liked would stop me from getting into heaven, so I always kinda thought the idea of Hell was cool." This attracted artists Lil Lotus, HXSTAGE, and Lil Raven, who have notable features on the project. There is a lot of messages in this tape. Dirty Mike wants his listeners to not be hard on themselves for feeling the way they do. If someone gives you heartbreak, then give them the finger and look forward to the next day.

Falling right into the underground Salt Lake City scene, Dirty Mike is pushing for continued growth. There is a lot of talent coming out of the 801 and all eyes are on where it will lead. Now for Dirty Mike, his next steps are joining 7WingMoney with some very talented other artists. He told me, "I wanna keep the momentum going and keep dropping fire music constantly." I am very interested to see where his new team 7WingMoney goes and patiently waiting for his next show.


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