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Jesse Jazz - Florida Takeover

Music producer and engineer Jesse Jazz is giving a plethora of reasons why he is creating some of the best hits to come out of Miami Florida right now. History has been made from this city and Jesse is just following in legend's footsteps. Listening to his work you know right away his hands were all over the production. With Hip Hop being his playground he is firing off from all cylinders. Starting from the bottom and finding his opportunity to get into the right rooms, he now is pulling out of his production bag everything the scene needs right now. It is without saying that we need to start paying attention to this up and coming producer that is soon to be the mastermind behind all your favorite hits.

The rich culture of Miami gives music so much depth and experimentation. Jesse grew up in this mecca of culture and was heavily influenced by the wide range of music going on around him. Artists like Pitbull knocked down doors for Jesse and Latinos. This laid path started a little sibling rivalry between Jesse and his younger brother who who both wanted to be artists. Obsessing over 106 and Park they both imaged making music videos and being superstars. Attempting to become an artist inadvertently gave him the production skills to become a producer. I asked Jesse how he gained success as a producer and he said, " The success part though is strictly through connections and being in the right environments at the right times. As I mentioned earlier, the management company played a big role in putting us in rooms that lead me to meet people in the industry and it created opportunities for success." Having skill as an engineer halted a lot of his production as an artist, but put him in the right room. " I was always thinking about the future and what moves I could make to set me up further than where I was. I had to fail and become better in those aspects while juggling a personal life so I realized that I had to put in my 10,000 hours first. In a way I was competing with myself in several ways," Jesse told me while discussing his obstacles starting out. Though he shifted to the producer role it turned out a blessing in disguise. Right now Jesse's value to the scene is irreplaceable and he is working at one of the top music studios, Circle House. It is imperative more than ever with the saturated music scene to try and stand out, but for Jesse it's effortless. Currently, he is building a huge catalog of next level radio ready productions to offer to artists. He is collaborating with well known artists and producers to bring something special to the game. Jesse is on fire right now and if the song you are listening to suddenly says, "Damn Jesse!", then you know it's about to go off.


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