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Behind every one of your favorite songs, there is typically a team. The one team member, in particular, we should be recognizing is the producers. They are the recipe that allows an artist to cook up a hit song that's on everyone's playlist. In Salt Lake City's own backyard we have KC Supreme, a multi-platinum producer. Now, this wasn't just luck that he got that achievement. This guy has been invested with music since he was twelve and that love for producing has created some of the biggest hits this decade.

Kim Candilora, aka KC Supreme, started in music by jamming out with his dad and brothers. Fast forward to eighteen years old, he started becoming interested in producing and decided to learn FL studio. He tried to sell his own beats but didn't find some success until 2015. Now, while this was going on, Taz Taylor, owner of Internet Money, was becoming one of the biggest online producers. He had a planned seminar that KC Supreme bought tickets to in Los Angeles. KC Supreme had talked to Taz Taylor a few times before this and was offered to stay at his Airbnb. They became friends and joined forces to sell beats online. They weren't in the music scene until Taz Taylor got signed by Atlantic. This gave them an opportunity for studio sessions and the snowball effect began.

I think for anyone starting out as an artist or producer there is some sort of fear about getting noticed. I asked KC Supreme how he made the most of living in Salt Lake City, and he said, "You could be in Nebraska in a cornfield and as long as you have internet you can sell beats online." His mind was focused on the bigger picture. This is not an easy career and the main thing is to be prepared to put in the time. There is a philosophy he lives by called the 10,000 hours philosophy. This reminded me that failure leads to success and repetition is key in this line of work.

Trevor Daniel's song, Falling placed #1 on Radio Top 40, and has 1.1 Billion Streams on Spotify; the music video hit 235 million views and changed KC Supreme's life. He now works with Trippie Red, Megan Thee Stallion, Kevin Gates, Morray, and more. If that flex doesn't impress you, then he is 10x platinum, 15x Gold, 6x Billboard #1, 2020 Variety Hitmakers List, and 2021 BMI Pop Awards Winner. My personal favorite song he has a production credit on is Gone by Paris Shadows featuring Trippie Red. KC Supreme leans toward dreamy and ethereal-sounding melodies. This doesn't box him in though because he can make a song for a pop artist and then make a song for a rapper. There are a lot of people in small cities that can find inspiration from KC Supreme. Having a computer and internet was where he started and look at him now. He has some big releases coming our way soon and I am excited to watch his legacy grow.


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