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Mega Interview

Are you suffering from boredom? Are you in need of an escape from reality? Well, you came to the right place because today we are discussing why Mega is in the running for top-up and-coming producers in Salt Lake City. Thanks to our good old pal Covid, Mega picked up producing and now is cooking up some of the most hypnotic beats coming out right now. He doesn't just focus on one genre and can be versatile to work with any artist. Mega is twenty-seven years old from Vancouver Washington, and will help you escape your own reality. Mega had a split childhood growing up. He spent weekends with his mom driving around and listening to everything from TLC'S "No Scrubs" to Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me". Weekdays were with his Christian father who made most music off-limits. This didn't stop Mega and his brothers from hiding in their bedroom listening to CDs that they burned from a friend's house on Limewire.

" I never thought of being an artist besides wanting to be in a band as a kid."

The idea of being a behind-the-scenes guy spoke to Mega more hence why he became a producer and engineer. Growing up around skate and punk culture, Trap wasn't initially on his playlists. This throws people off because of the production he works on in present day. It wasn't until he was eighteen and moved in with his brother that he got into today's rap scene. As I stated before our good friend Covid helped birth the career of Mega. He bought his first laptop, Abelton Lite, a JBL speaker, and worked ten hours a day on them. Anyone technically could pick up a computer and type in "how to be a producer", but Mega went the extra mile by putting himself out there any chance he got.

"I never had that thought of maybe this isn't good enough to show someone that I think a lot of producers struggle with."

Focusing on being creative and making what he thought was cool was the name of the game for Mega. Pushing and pushing until he gained recognition and now has since popped up on my radar. Mega would do everything from standing in the back of random shows to showing up to music video shoots just to build connections. That's how I first met him, but I didn't realize at the time how special he was. Fighting through roadblocks he now works at Red Light Recording Studio. With a base layer to his work, it's all about building and growing for Mega. He wants to be the Metro Boomin of all genres and get his name to all corners of the world.

"My thoughts on the industry? I think it needs to slow down. I think we need to get back into telling a story or conveying real emotion. Having an album that's beautiful from start to finish. That's what I grew up on."

These are wise words from Mega and something we all need to think about. He takes his time with his work and doesn't confine himself to a box. It is all about the relationship with the artist for Mega. Being able to have real conversations and grow as friends with the artist is most important when choosing who he works with. If the energy isn't right the music isn't right. Mega plans on turning everything up a few dozen notches. Two years ago he was just starting out on his laptop during the pandemic and he steadily watched, learned, and planned. Now it's time for him to create his own world and open a whole new playing field.


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