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  • Anthony Palmer


If you are familiar with the hip-hop/rap music scene in Salt Lake City then you definitely have heard of FERRARI$MOKE. Becoming a trailblazer and break out artist in a place where hip-hop/rap fans are getting a majority of their music out of state. I personally have been a fan of FERRARI$MOKE now for what seems like a decade and with age it seems he only gets better. His versatile flow and poetic delivery will keep you hooked till the end of the song, and have you telling your friends about his EP by the end of the day.

The new video for his single Moesha Flow off his EP CRA$H is the perfect example of why you need to check him out. Linking up with frequent collaborator Eudo Quiroz, the two painted a raw and hypnotic picture of the new single. Featuring Retrospect, who needs her own interview to do her story justice, they hit the nail on the head with the delivery of this video. Retro puts the audience into a trance while Eudo's cinematic eye for color and symbolism hits home. The original cut had an R rating ending so we received an alternative cut to please the Youtube police. Keep a look out for future releases and bump Moesha Flow on your drive home.

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