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  • Anthony Palmer


Rose's debut music video is nothing short of a cinematic gem. With a complete life switch and new journey, she has delivered a gentle, but powerful new song called Needed Me. Every melody is memorable, just as the lyrics are sure enough to leave a lasting impression. Rose speaks as if this is a final goodbye to someone you have to let go. This speaks volumes and gives her audience a strong connection and self -relatability.

Working with Ripdaydream, Rose wanted to focus on having to move on from a someone you loved and the feeling of finding yourself once you get there. There is a sense of sexiness to being confident in yourself again and knowing you will survive the pain. The visuals are vivid with heavy use of volumetric lighting. Drawing inspiration from Noah Cyrus and Rihanna, the symbolism of water and shadows portray the light and dark side to her story. Be on the lookout for more of Rose's music as it's on track to to get even better.

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