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Nightmares - Yung Slipup & Badd Wolf

Yung Slipup is one of the most exciting artists coming out of Salt Lake City right now. He is coming off a strong year performing at Landslide Festival and being played on the radio for the first time. However, a new shift has begun for this young artist.

With a stacked discography, he has decided to focus on a new sound. What better way to introduce a new direction in his career than a collaboration with Badd Wolf. The new single Nightmares features Yung Slipup's high toned voice mixed with Badd Wolf's low toned voice creating a perfect bounce off each other. Filling your ears with a Hip Hop sound entangled with raw Pop melodies. The song digs deep into those gaps of what many are afraid to deal with. Exploring the song, you get a sense this what you put on your pained favorites playlist. The two artists present rich lyrical imagery of getting knocked down and learning from the experience. No matter the circumstances and the people you lose, you will always bounce back and become a better you in the end. The song is accompanied by a music video directed by Scooter Cooper with mind blowing FPV drone scenes and bigger than life atmospheres. You can feel deep in your gut the emotion that poured out over this track. Both artists infuse their past scars and deliver a profound new song.

With every release, Yung Slipup is elevating his craft and narrowing in on where he needs to be. He has been writing music and singing covers from such a young age that it seems he was born to make music. The love of creating music is more important than anything for Yung Slipup. When asked about how he stands out in a huge crowd of artists and he said, "By staying humble, putting in the work, and creating a whole new sound for people to listen to." For many its easy to make a catchy song, but creating lyrics that can touch lives is an accomplishment of its own. With the talent that's been brought to the table there is a high expectation incoming. Yung Slipup told me, "This year I planned to release something that I have never released before and some of my best music I’ve made in my career." The master plan is unfolding and we just have to wait in anticipation for what's next. At only nineteen the potential is very high for this young artist, and he is turning heads with his raw talent.


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