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We caught up with Atlanta, Georgia artist Northstarjade to learn more about his upbringing in music, the obstacles he has had to overcome, and his opinions on the present-day industry. Northstarjade is someone I first heard about from Kid Cole and was immediately drawn to him by his overall presence. "I want everyone to know that they are not alone," he says as we asked him what he wanted people to know about himself. If you are familiar with the Atlanta music scene you know its home to some heavy hitters and on top of that over the last decade have been trendsetters. The theme for their success is the community is very close and everyone is on the same mindset to grow together. "I seen all types of people connect over music and I want to be the driving force in that," he adds, which is the perfect example of why he is the kind of artist that wants those around him to win. Keep reading to check out our interview with Northstarjade.


Ripdaydream: What is your background in music? More specifically how did you first become interested in it?

Northstarjade: Music was always in my life. My father was an artist so from a young age I was going from studio to studio with him, meeting artist like T.I, Future, and more and seeing them in their natural creative state. I also grew seeing my brother teach himself amongst 7 different instruments and picking up on them very fast. Seeing this made me want to create my own music and growing up around all of the versatile sounds encouraged the music I make today as I do genres from rap to metal to rnb and more.


Ripdaydream: What moment or influence made you say in your head, “I am going to be an artist and make my own music.”

Northstarjade: When my father passed away 3 days after my 13th birthday, it sparked something in me. He was killed in-front of me and I needed a place to open up and express myself. I actually started making beats first but eventually later that year I recorded and dropped my first song. Since then music has been my safe spot and as I gotten bigger I accumulated a strong fanbase that’s more like a family. They say I saved their lives etc etc and that is also a force that keeps me going


Ripdaydream: What was your process learning music production and developing your craft?

Northstarjade: Really just growing up around music watching and learning from the different producers and artist I would see. That foundation built from a young age made it easier for me to expand on my knowledge and learn. I was always creative so rapping came easy but I eventually taught myself to sing from imitating other singers until I could sing the song perfectly, it was hard at first putting it on the beat but now I’ve gotten to the point where I mastered it.

Ripdaydream: Talk about any obstacles you had to overcome to get to where you are today.

Northstarjade: It’s been so much honestly is this is another thing that connects my fans with me and my music. I never had everything growing up in Atlanta but my parents tried their best. I grew getting bullied for my weight, religion (Islam) etc etc. with that came a lot of deaths that impacted me, I watched my grandpa die from cancer, my uncle died from a car accident, my other uncle from cancer, my pregnant cousin was murdered, and the biggest was my father, he was killed infront of me by the police. I Also lost friends in this music industry with my brothers slutty sonny and woodsordeath passing away aswell. All of these had such a big toll on me having all these happen before the age I was 13. Another bump that happened was my arrest at 17, a couple weeks after my 17th birthday I was arrested on some serious charges that I’m still paying for today as I was given 5 years felony probation. This turned out to be a good thing for me though I turned my life around and got more committed to music and just living good. Another huge incident was my sickness in 2021. I was rushed to the hospital after my friend found me unresponsive suffering from DKA. This left me in icu for a week and I had to learn how to walk/run again and stand in my own. I later was diagnosed with diabetes after I was released but this also was a life altering event that led me in the right way. I always have to thank the fans for keeping me together.


Ripdaydream: Talk about how Atlanta and North Carolina have influenced your music.

Northstarjade: Atl is the heart of my music. Growing up here you go through hardships, see real life situations but also you’re given a creative chance, everyone knows everyone and everyone supports everyone (growing up atleast) also having the most known artist and seeing them growing up led to my confidence into taking my talents far. Being in all the different hoods and areas growing up kept so many new things in my life there was always something to do. North Carolina doesn’t really offer too much for me but I do get to see a different life other than atl being here. I’m coming back to atl though forsure haha.


Ripdaydream: What does music mean to you? How has it impacted your life?

Northstarjade: Music means everything to me, music is my form of creative expression, a way to really open up and release all my emotions through music. Music has shown me the importance of impact and life in general throughout my years. Being able to touch people and connect people through music despite their differences such as race, gender, weight etc etc is the most beautiful thing. Music is my life and I don’t know what i’d do without it.


Ripdaydream: Where do you draw most of your inspiration from for your music?

Northstarjade: Life itself. I gain inspiration from current events, different experiences and situations I’ve been through/ going through. I look at everything in an artistic way even simple movements such as the trees blowing in the wind. It’s beauty in everything to me and seeing or going through these things being the most inspiration for me when making music.


Ripdaydream: Talk about your direction right now with music? Include where you are at with your career.

Northstarjade: My Direction right now musically is making this blow up push. I’m really focusing on making it and going far with this music now. At my current point I average about 20-40k every song across all platforms but the goal is to go even higher than that. It’s time for me to get consistent on the business side of things of music, which is the hardest but most necessary.

Ripdaydream: There is all this music coming out constantly and it's hard to stick out. How are you trying to stand out as an artist?

Northstarjade: To be completely honest, we definitely are in a time period where new sounds and new artist are coming everyday. For me I’m a music head all the way I love studying different sounds and understanding them so the main thing I do is learn the new styles and add my own effect to it. The genuine good music always receives positive response for me and it keeps me even more creative than before.


Ripdaydream: What are your thoughts on the industry right now? If you have an opinion on it, what music should people be focusing on more?

Northstarjade: I think the industry is at a weird point right now. One of my only dislikes is how some artist feel they have to be something they’re not to fully succeed. A lot of artist go the “mysterious” route trying to be like playboi carti or uzi or x but when you really think about it, they never last. I feel artist need to realize the fans matter so much. It’s great to engage and build relationships with the audience but people feel they have to be a certain way now to succeed in the industry.


Ripdaydream: Would you categorize your music in a genre or do you try and stay open to several?

Northstarjade: I definitely try to stay open as I have songs from rap, r&b, metal, pop punk, jersey club etc etc. I think it all comes from the genres I was listening too growing up the influences the sound now but I am definitely grateful.


Ripdaydream: What is next for you?

Northstarjade: For me, my next steps is really trying to blow up now. I’ve been doing more live shows and been growing heavily. Also I have a project I’m dropping soon with features from heygwuapo and untiljapan. Stay tuned!


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