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  • Anthony Palmer


When you learn more about Nvrcatchhim you realize how unexpected the duo even meeting and starting to record music really is. We have to explain their unlikely encounter to discuss how their music and sound is a part of a growing new wave.

NCH Bleak was fresh out of Hurricane High School, transferring to Highland High School when he met NCH Jefferys. You wouldn't expect it, but Bleak was on the football team at the time and clean cut. He ended up not fitting in with the jocks, so after practice Bleak happened to meet Jeff leaving school. Neither knew NvrCatchhim would be born from this encounter. The funniest thing Jeff told me from first meeting Bleak was, "I thought he was a cop at first". From here both had a feeling they were going to be big names, but not which lane life was going to take them down.

Now that we went down memory lane for the duo, we move on to how Tik Tok, Soundcloud, and a Barbecue Restaurant led them to release their first track only a year ago on October 21st. Jeff was working on the soundcloud grind while collaborating with different Salt Lake City artists like Saco and the group Outset. Bleak was finding his success on Tik Tok, but together they constantly schemed on how to do music together. The duo both got jobs at a barbecue restaurant where they would meet producer and sound engineer Tong. One of the many cool things I learned about Tong is that he also owns the popular Cafe on 1st. They would freestyle after work for fun, which led to the two deciding to actually record a song. This song ended up being Lost My Soul in Utah. Since then they have also released 185, HEY/Oh No, and Bipolar.

I have noticed a growing trend for artists to freestyle their verses for songs. That's exactly what Nvrcatchhim's process is for a majority of their songs and even decided on HEY/Oh No to rap each others verses. The duo doesn't stick to one genre. This makes it very hard to categorize where they fall in the music world. That is why I think they are a part of a new emerging wave of artists. It's more impressive these days for an artist to have the music range to transfer from different genres.

When I asked the duo what kind of fashion they liked, they immediately said," I don't fuck with fast fashion." Everything they make is used from recycled clothes and their appreciation for fashion was clearly shown. They get their inspiration from Virgil Abloh, Young Thug, and current world events. Part of the reason both of them became good friends is through a love for fashion. Now we take both the music they are making and the freestyle fashion ideas, then you get Nvrcatchhim. The name comes from Bleak's grandpa, who would chase him around as a kid and say, "Chase never catch him." I anxiously wait for their next releases and advise people to throw some Nvrcatchhim on their playlists. They have an upcoming show April 7th you don't want to miss.

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