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Poulish Kid- Offsetting Bad Vibes

In Leipzig Germany, Poulish Kid is attempting to turn shit into gold. Absorbing your bad energy and outputting dreamy, energetic, and gentle music he will make your legs do a little dance. He has grown into an electronic sound that he balances out with a light indie rock sensation. It's the artist's job to get the listener out of their head and into their bodies. Your typical song has a caveman sense of rhythm, but when you discover an artist like Poulish Kid his music aims for your heartbeat. The BPM governs how your body moves and there is a myth that 128 BPM synergies the best with your heartbeat. Poulish kid controls your whole circulatory system making you overwhelmed, but in the best way possible. His music has his fans hooked and by the end of the day when they come back to reality they are begging for the next release.

In November of 1989 Germans began dismantling the Berlin Wall and the reunification had begun. Though Poulish Kid was born seven years after the reunification he still sees East Germany struggling with social cohesion and exploitation from West Germany. One of those social cohesions is what side most artists gain success and fame from. Cities in West Germany are home to the most successful artists. Unwavering Poulish Kid was brought up on music by his passionate father. Learning to play guitar, piano, and drums, and even playing in a cover band together. However, he never wanted to be a professional musician due to an obsession with being in the air. He got his sports pilot license but wasn't able to continue due to health problems. Music was the only way to get through his feeling of loss. The silver lining to this roadblock was people started recognizing him as a producer. At twenty-two, he took the leap into making music his job. Poulish Kid told me, "It was not easy and I’m not quite sure if I would do it all again knowing how much pain it was to get to this point. I heard more no’s than yes’s and I had to believe in myself to achieve my goals." He became successful with no money, no experience, and no connections. Flash forward to the present day I found his music thousands of miles away in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Every single song Poulish Kid has released is produced by him. I asked him how he turns sad feelings into energetic music and he said, " It doesn’t matter how sad the story is I always try to make the sound of my songs as hopeful as possible. I don’t want the listener to feel sad when they listen to my music they should learn or identify their selves while they headbang and dance to it." Heavily influenced by Oliver Tree, Whethan, and Grandson his music is a colorful orchestra. Right off the bat, you will notice he only wears a ski mask. Social media is a huge way to grow fans, but artists like Poulish Kid get uncomfortable in front of the camera and start comparing themselves. He told me, "It’s not about hiding who I am, as a person. It’s more a barrier between me and social media, and to be honest the mask looks sick too." Recently signing to Audiolith and Fringe Music his name is growing worldwide. If I can find his music in Salt Lake City then big things are coming. Next up for the German artist is an incoming album and new tour. This is just the beginning for this insanely talented artist.


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