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Pur2x - Touch My Body Ft. Thegreekfreak

After a few drinks in the club and your crew is feeling the right vibe, Pur2x new single Touch my Body is the perfect song to comes on as you start vibing with a beautiful girl while feeling yourself. The single features infectious melodies by Thegreekfreak and the smooth flow production was done by Astro Digital. The soundscape is contrasted with a NY/UK drill vibe but paired with the melodic sample from Mariah Carey just resonates perfectly.

"Music has always been a part of my life, but recording and making my own I've been doing that for five years perfecting my craft."

Pur2x found his way to mic as a form of therapy and to connect to others. His sound is very distinct and you can't help but pay attention. You can't confine him to a box and trying to guess what his next single will sound like is foolish. He is one of the best-undiscovered artists in Salt Lake City right now and his talent grows daily. New singles are on the way and with a mindset to take over the scene anyone could see the future is very bright for this rising artist.


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