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  • Ian Huber

Rosey Face

Numerohuno is a one of a kind artist, it's hard to describe his numerous unique sounds. He has created a voice of his own that falls somewhere between hip-hop and alternative and he continuously out does himself with every release. His newest single Rosey Face, produced by Adam Banx, is no exception. With Numero's wavy lyricism and Banx's complex, multi-layered production, you can't help but bob your head along.

The accompanying visual for Rosey Face is Numerohuno's first solo music video. Also being featured in local Utah artist Peech's UP video, both directed by RIPDAYDREAM's Anthony Palmer. As an homage to Robert Rodriguez's Sin Citys' color grading, Rosey Face is a cinematic journey, seamlessly flowing together from scene to scene to bring the vision to life. Go check it out, this man Numerohuno truly can't be boxed in.


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