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Scatterbrain Interview

As summer is in full effect and the heat becomes unbearable we all flock to a body of water. Of course, you have your go to Drake type bangers, but there is always time for that trap playlist. Producers like Scatterbrain give us that early 2000's grimey trap that's impossible to resist. Nostalgia is the best word to describe his music with the evolution of futuristic sounds mixed with the raw sonic identity. Scatterbrain doesn't ride with every wave that pops up daily, but instead finds his sound that cooks the best music he can make. Think weird creepy ass melodies with spaced out vibes. His hard drums and distorted type 808's are borderline cold. We dove into his past, present, and future while discussing his inspirations as a producer and why 2007-2008 was so impactful on him.

What is your background in music? More specifically how did you

first, become interested in it?

Well nobody around me really had a music background to push that on me, but I always had variety of music being played around me whether it was my mom's side playing classic 2000's r&b n rap shit, then missy Elliot/destiny's child/sade, etc & then my pops are where I would gain a love for alternative shit and classic rock and that really rock genre as a whole. I know that's where I got my love for music and different sounds etc.

Did you want to be an Artist or Producer first?

For sure just strictly always was fascinated with the sounds of shit for some reason that always was cool to me, so producer first for sure. I feel like it's the other way around for a lot of people who wanna start rapping then try producing their shit and so on and so forth. But I can say I never had that "I wanna rap" phase haha.

Going off the last question what moment or influence made you

say in your head, “I am going to be an artist/producer and make my own music.”

Well shit the specific era that really solidified it for me was like 2007-2008, when I started hearing lex luger shit everywhere from Gucci to Flocka that trap sound was something else for me. Then a huge one is Left Brain's production on early Odd Future projects, I feel like people really forgot bout how cold that man is. Spaceghostpurrp early shit as well really pushed my ear's love for dark weird sounding melodies. But really just hearing shit and getting that feeling of hearing weird random shit in the background of songs/beats that the average ear would brush by. just weird shit and sounds always caught my eye since I was young listening to music.

What was the process for your learning production and getting


Honestly, just getting my own laptop and downloading a torrented version of FL Studio when I was like 17 but really not going hard with investing myself with the will to learn and shit when I was like 18 and really just diving into it and teaching myself whether shit sounded terrible or not, just thought it was cool to create shit from nothing then leveling everything up from that square 1 stage. It's just cool as fuck seeing shit from scratch to some whole other shit that you made, that's real art. No matter what stage in your career you are.

What's your greatest strength as a producer?

For me personality I think weird creepy ass melodies with that spaced out vibe, and I would say hard drums and distorted type 808's that knock in a way that's borderline cold but still a what the fuck is that type shit haha. My first few years It was flipping old samples and shit like that, I loved that for some reason I think that was my madlib/j Dilla inspiration that came from that. I still do here and there but I was heavy on sampling the first few years I started.

What artists or producers inspire you?

I got too many artists I love, but for me, a solid amount that stays getting played is Lucki, Babyface Ray, Big 30, and Youngboy. CEO Trayle, EST Gee, Rio Da Yung OG, Producers, shitttt; Lex Luger, Left Brain, Sonny Digital, Madlib, Southside, Pierre Bourne, Plu2o nash, Young Chop, Spaceghostpurrp, My boy Mike Hector, and ChaseTheMoney one of the hardest producers out rn tho. My homie from Atlanta Money Makin Myles, that's my dawg he always putting me on game with something.

Talk about any obstacles you had to overcome to get to where

you are today.

Really just life shit bro battling certain mental issues/issues with women and other things/vices that pop up and could distract someone. Then just juggling a lot of shit on my plate and always remembering my vision and getting back to it no matter what I have going on.

What does music mean to you? How has it impacted your life?

Man, I don't think I can really tell you how much it means to me correctly, but Music is everything man the nostalgia(take you back to where or what you were doing at that exact time) that you heard this or that song is a prime example. But for making music, it's literally my escape where you can go in your own world no matter what bullshit you have going on in life or your head and just do your own thing and get away, and that's the beautiful thing about music, especially creating your own shit. No cliche shit, but without music who knows how far I would've made it or if I'd even be here talking to you haha real shit.

Give me a little more background on where you are from or live

today and how it influences

your life/music.

Grew up in Ogden/Roy um I was kind of the lone wolf when it came to loving music and then eventually doing music, Music was always everything for me even before making shit. Played basketball all my life so solid music around me was key for me whether it was pregame shit or in the gym in general that was key for me. haha, what really influenced me to push my career w shit was just my will to want to make cool sounding shit like the shit I would hear and notice in music that I loved and be like damn that shit sounds wild. haha, do you remember those old ass Pioneer sound systems that played CDs people would have in their houses with like the 4 big ass subs/speakers then the system is in the glass entertainment system type shit? me and my nephews and brothers would always be blasting whatever we could and if you know how loud those systems were you know what I mean that's a random memory that was because of music, that shit just popped in my head.

Talk about your direction right now with music? Include where

you are at with your career.

I'm literally just a hit or two away from getting the push I need to really build and be able to touch where I want to be, to be able to put my folks on with me. But just standing on your 2 and doing what you know is best for you, just keep cookin man all I can say something will hit sooner or later and get in the right person's ear, that's all it takes.

There is all this music coming out constantly and it's hard to stick

out. How are you trying to stand out as a producer?

Really, you can't full ride every new wave that comes out at least for me, cause that shit isn't organic and kinda corny to me. YOu have to be able to do and lean on your own strengths but add those certain things to the pot and let it rock.

What are your thoughts on the industry right now? If you have an

opinion on it what music should people be focusing on more?

Man, all I can really say is the Industry shit is super corny and backed by a bunch of old dudes who don't really have the slightest ear for shit. I've had my couple sit downs with Labels and shit is lowkey a scam and scary bro you have to really know what you're doing and not fall for shit that sounds good, or else you'' just fall into a trap even with the money they put in your face shit just be a loan that sounds cool just cause it's music attached to it but shit is scary out here fr you gotta read behind every white line. but other than that part of the industry, there are a lot of dope fucking artists nowadays bro it's really dope to see.

What production do you favor or lean on? What artists do you like

working with?

Trap shit really, grimey sounding shit will always be where I love it. But I'm tapped into really all new waves and slight genres that come and go.

Would you categorize your music in a genre or do you try and

stay open to several?

I don't want to put myself in a box, and always want to expand my sound so I wouldn't want to categorize shit too much, I just like shit that sounds wild and catches peoples ears and they gotta ask themselves or their people "yo did you hear this shit" like I used to do in songs when I was younger.

Who is your dream collar, alive or dead?

I need a Lex Luger collab on some type of Hit record on some early 2010 type vibe before I die and I'd be straight really. Hahaha and I need Youngboy to drop some of the shit he's got of mine but that's all I'll say.

What is next for you?

Just continue working that simple really, just try building my name and brand to the highest I can take it, I would say label shit but I've had enough fallouts to realize it really isn't everything it sounds to be. Being independent and creating shit without some type of backing or push will always be hard to do but that is what makes the road worth it, like I've been doing this shit since I was like 19 and to see where I've come from then to now makes me proud regardless. If you got the drive & know where you can get in and really fit in and thrive dope shit will always prevail. Too much gimmick shit goes on in music nowadays whether it's mfs biting every new rapper with a sound or even producers who strictly make type beats, it's important to stay yourself. Man I probably sound like an old head right there lmao


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