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Picture those movies where your heart aches, yearning for the young lovers to find a way to make it work. Enter Asher Hill, whose music seamlessly transports you into that emotional rollercoaster, allowing you to experience those poignant feelings even on your way to work. Bursting onto the scene with just two releases, he has already captured hearts and left an indelible mark. Embarking on his musical journey as a producer at the tender age of 14, Asher Hill, now 18, heeded the encouragement of friends, family, and a supportive high school teacher to evolve into the artist we know today. His foray into releasing original songs has proven to be a stroke of brilliance, adding a fresh and compelling voice to the industry. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Frank Ocean, Asher Hill distinguishes himself through instrumentals that narrate poignant stories on their own. His latest single, 'Patterns,' delves into the complexities of first love, capturing the profound joy and unsuspecting heartache that accompany such experiences. As this rising artist emerges from left field, get ready to be captivated and have your heartstrings tugged by the enigmatic melodies of Asher Hill. Read on for an exclusive interview that unveils the essence of this exciting new kid on the block.


RIPDAYDREAM: You are my new favorite pop artist find of the year. The crazy thing is you only have one song released right now with a new single dropping. My question is where did you come from and who is Asher Hill?

Asher Hill: I was born in New Jersey and raised in Texas, I'm 18 years old and have been working as a producer since I was 14 and recently started making my own music. What started as just a hobby turned into something I wanted to pursue after hearing feedback from friends and family. I wanted to express myself and my stories in a way where the listener can feel for themselves as well. I take a lot of inspiration from my favorite artist, Frank Ocean. I aim to create somber and space-like tracks that hold stories of relationships, maturity, and identity.


RIPDAYDREAM: Diving into your song 'By My Side', you paint such a sad and heartbreaking story. I have had my share of breakups and your lyrics capture just wanting your partner to understand the pain. Walk our readers through the creative process behind your song.

Asher Hill: By my side is a heartbreak story. The feeling we all feel for those first few weeks after a breakup. We still feel love and care for our partners and still want them to be by our side. However, we also realize the flaws in the relationship. We reflect on how our partner did us wrong and how maybe this breakup is for the better. Even though this is the case, we know deep down we still love them and care for them, and we always will. In this song I describe the complex feelings of uncertainty and confusion during the post-breakup time frame, aiming to dictate a feeling the listeners can relate to.

RIPDAYDREAM: For those who have listened to your new release, 'Patterns,' they can already feel the emotion behind the song. Though it is your second release, it's now literally a pattern of melodic heartbreak. The production and hint of vocal echo are crazy cool. I guess my initial question is, who hurt you? Because you are making some insane music. Is this a theme or aesthetic you want to venture into going forward, or just what is your direction in the present day?

Asher Hill: Most of my music reflects on my first relationship and breakup. As two teenagers trying at love, neither of us knew what to expect from this but we knew that we loved each other. We had many differences and we were anything but a perfect couple but we wanted to make it work. We often had fights over things that could be avoided with better communication, etc. But we didn't know it at the time. This theme of relationships is one of the major themes I aim to explore in my music. I also want to explore other themes such as identity and trying to figure out who I am and express that through music, in a song that the listener can also relate to if they are also unsure of who they are or what their purpose is.


RIPDAYDREAM: Going back to production, if you haven't already, talk about if you or another producer does all the production for your music and that process.

Asher Hill: I described earlier how I've been a producer for a few years now but I believe my process is different than others. With my production I want the instrumental alone to be able to tell the story I envision with the lyrics. Whether that be through different instruments, filters, or effects, emotion and feeling can be effectively expressed through instruments and that is my goal with every one of my tracks. Sometimes I also take inspiration from songs I really enjoy such as 'Rushes' from Frank Ocean's album 'Endless," the production of that song is incredible and I attempt to mimic a lot of its aspects in my music.

RIPDAYDREAM: In your creative journey, have you faced challenges that significantly impacted your work, and how did you overcome them?

Asher Hill: Coming from a family where everyone wanted me to be a Doctor, it was hard to be open and externally passionate about this hobby. I began making music with my phone and a basic pair of Apple headphones, using that built in mic. Once I started showing some of my music to my friends they really pushed me to release and take this seriously. I also had a high school teacher during my Junior year and he heard some of my music and significantly inspired me to chase the dream of becoming a musician. His name was Coach Hill, and that is where the 'Hill' comes from in Asher Hill. After these evaluations, I decided to show my dad my music and to my surprise, he enjoyed it a lot. He also has a passion for music so he has some equipment I used to continue working on my passion.


RIPDAYDREAM: Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or collaborations you're working on?

Asher Hill: I have recently been working on a new track which I was inspired to make after watching the heartbreaking 2019 film 'Waves,' which the song is also named after.


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