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If you're an artist or part of the creative world, you're likely aware of the pervasive shift toward self-promotion on social media. On one hand, it's a win for independent artists who can now promote themselves freely with just their phones. However, on the other hand, the masses have caught on. Despite the sea of content, discerning between quality and quantity remains possible. Our latest discovery, Clint., stands out amidst this digital landscape with vocal melodies that send goosebumps down your spine. Clint. has embraced social media marketing, but in a wholesome manner, infusing his content with authentic values. With the skill to be hands-on with production, he aims to express his emotions while uncovering the stories that demand to be told. As his narrative continues to unfold, it's a story worth following with awe. Continue reading our interview below to learn more.


RIPDAYDREAM: I had this conversation with a friend the other day about how we forget artists are human too. So Clint. how are you doing today? 

Clint.: Dude, I am doing good. Today has had a super optimistic undertone, can't really complain.


RIPDAYDREAM: So this may be obvious, but dude your VOICE IS AMAZING. It is subtle, and calming, but powerful and gives me Verzache vibes. First, can you give me voice lessons because I sound like a dying goat most of the time and second how did you develop your sound?

Clint.: Haha, I wish I was qualified to help tame those vocals out, but unfortunately I'd end up just yapping. My sound has been collected and developed over the last 7 years, I started making music as a 15 year old kid, and put forth a huge effort in exploring and trying weird shit, the hard drives are full of many different attempts and styles I ended up trying.

RIPDAYDREAM: I just started dating this girl and I was playing one of your songs while prepping questions for this interview. She goes "Hey I have seen that guy!", and urged me to watch your videos. I did a deep dive stalking your socials and found it to be very wholesome. Also, you are one brave soul for going up to random people. The industry right now pushes artists to make content, but I am curious why you do these videos and how you began doing them?

Clint.: First off tell this mystery girl I really appreciate her tuning in, that means a lot to me. I think Content is super important to help people find your music, we live in a very interesting point of time where the best form of marketing happens to be free, so promoting on TikTok should be top tier for any person trying to grow in any niche. These videos were curated slowly after studying a ton of different concepts on TikTok, It is super hard to stand out and rise up in such a saturated market, you can't just promote music these days, because unfortunately there are a million people just like you trying to do the exact same thing, and ultimately you get lost in the sea of people. The Wholesome side of things sort of came about on its own, I love connecting with new people, and do my best to leave a positive impact on anyone I cross paths with. With this particular series, it did well and people enjoyed it, but I am looking deeper to find something that will better tell the story of me and my values inside the artistry.


RIPDAYDREAM: Your new single 'Shelter' is simply put an experience. I think you make very cinematic music. It's emotional, profound and dreamy. I have this feeling you did the production for the song, but even if I am wrong it compliments your voice perfectly. Take me through your creative process and a little about how your lyrics are inspired. 

Clint.: My process feels relatively tuned in right now, When I enter my studio, I only want to get the emotions I am feeling off my chest, and to do that in an honest way. It starts with finding and making melodies that reflect how I am feeling in that moment, and then expanding these sounds and frequencies into a cohesive thought. When I write these songs, I am very vocal melody heavy first, I believe every song has a story that wants to be told, and I trust myself to find it. I establish the emotion, and then let it all flow out I guess. Many of the takes on 'Shelter' were "freestyles" and first takes before I had even written anything. I did produce this track, and all others in my discography alongside close friends, (Miles, Isaac, Drey, Kenny)

RIPDAYDREAM: Dude your cover art for 'Lose' is epic! I just want to know the backstory to the photo and if you did this in one take.

Clint.: Dude thank you! This was actually an accidental candid shot. I was attending an event called creator camp, Which is a small tangent here, Creator camp is one of the most ambitious and forward thinking communities that discover artists and creatives alike, connecting them to any and all opportunities that they are working towards, the team is kick ass and some of the most caring people I have met, I am blessed to be apart of this community. Anyways, we were all at a cabin in Park City, and my friend Aiden and I were just goofing off, and this dope photo came from it. Honestly couldn't have been timed better, It's very fitting to the creator camp energy that way.


RIPDAYDREAM: Can you give us a sneak peek into new music or projects you are working on for this year?

Clint.: I am working on a full length project right now, I want to gather all of the most significant stories and emotions from my life thus far, and tell or show them to this new audience. I am telling you right now, this will be one of the best feeling projects I have put out. My intention is to enter the studio with all the emotions and baggage I have resting on me, and walk out exhausted because I left it all on the track, Exploring all the emotions I have been feeling. Also reaching out to touring artists searching for an opening gig for what I hope to be a national tour. Fingers crossed.


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