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Music is ever evolving and there's an artist who's about to catch your eye. He is wise beyond his years and doesn't let time limit his insights. Diuhlone draws inspiration from the human experience—imbibing the essence of sex, drugs, life's intricate complexities, the poignant shadows of pain, and the macabre dance of horror. From a tender age, a plethora of creativity has been introduced into his soul, an inseparable part of his very being. Unearthing his name through unorthodox methods, he beckons us to confront the profound dichotomy of life's inception and inevitable conclusion. In a world where artistic expression is often confined by societal norms, this sage beyond his years challenges us to embrace the raw, unfiltered essence of existence that pulses through the rhythm of his music—an undying force that refuses to dissipate. Continue reading to learn more.


RIPDAYDREAM: For those that don't know I met you on ote.jpeg's music video shoot for his song 'OFFTHAT' where you were the actor for the final cut scene. Can you tell me more about your journey in art and introduction to music in particular?

Diuhlone: Everything is art, and it is everywhere you look. I've always been drawn to anything creative since I was young. It's like a vice you can't seem to shake. That shit makes the world go round... and maybe upside down too. Music has always been a big thing in my family. Regardless of if you listen with taste, or create it. I think where it really started for me was in the 8th grade. 90's hip hop was a huge influence starting off. I just would fuck around and kick cyphers wit my homies, and it's evolved since. I don't quite consider myself a hip hop or rap musician as much nowadays, but it paved the way for sure.


RIPDAYDREAM: I love the play on letters for your artist name Diuhlone. How did you come up with the name and what does it mean to you?

Diuhlone: To put it simply. I was in the transition stage of finding a new alias. I definitely may or may not have took a little acid and had a revelation. Basically to me, I had a profound experience and it occurred to me that we all will die alone. We are the only brain inside our little flesh prisons we call a body. No one else is pulling the strings but you. We just here, and now, and then. You gonna be alone in that casket... at least psychically. Also, it was just kind of a fitting name for myself and it rolls off the tongue nicely.

RIPDAYDREAM: As a director, I draw a lot of inspiration from photography for my videos. Where do you find inspiration for your music?

Diuhlone: I try to find inspiration almost anywhere I can. The way the cold feels on my skin, or even the anxiety I get. Sex, drugs, life, pain, horror, trauma, happiness, hate... you get the picture. In another sense. There's always the aspect of other artists (regardless of music or painting etc) I just wake up and feel.


RIPDAYDREAM: Going off the last question for some artists they need the time to sit down and write out their lyrics, but for others, they just freestyle the lyrics on the spot. What is your process?

Diuhlone: I like to do a little of both. I love going off the top. It is definitely embedded in my roots as a human. It just depends on the day and mood. There is certain times when I will sit down and write something like a piece of urban poetry. I can be sober or high. The energy around me is what really gets me going though.

RIPDAYDREAM: My favorite song by you is 'Changes'. The song is a part of your EP 'BeautifullyDisgusting' and I think represents you as an artist beautifully. Walk us through the conception of the EP and your single 'Changes' in specific.

Diuhlone: Basically changes was an instrumental I made back in late 2022. A lot of my sound has been off iPhone GarageBand (changes included). The whole EP was made around the same time and I just sat, and sat on it. I finally just went back and decided. Fuck it. I'm gonna drop this EP because I need to push myself and sound more. Chose some songs from the vault that I thought went together well, and bow! There you have it. How beautifully disgusting it is. Changes in particular is my favorite as well. It's like a story. "starting to notice that this shit be soaking in" is the opening bar. The whole song itself is about the human condition. To live is to suffer in some sense. It dives a little into my own life, and as well the world as a whole. It's a constant battle between you and yourself. Just "sentenced to live this mess in through".


RIPDAYDREAM: Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or collaborations you're working on?

Diuhlone: I do have a lil tape in the works. Gonna be a huge personal production, and evolution for me and my sound. Also anyone familiar with THEFLESHGARDEN. Him and I have a little something something in the works as well. EYELUVTHENOISE/DEATHWAVE/FLESHWAVE?? Also planning on doing a DIY music video too. Lots of new and cool shit upcoming. (p.s might start dropping under a separate alias but who knows).


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