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Doctah Dos, the enigmatic musical virtuoso, emerges as a dynamic force in the realm of multi-genre artistry, seamlessly blending the rhythmic beats of Reggaeton, the soulful melodies of R&B, and the electrifying energy of Hip Hop/Rap. From the tender age of six, a passionate love affair with piano ignited music within him, setting ablaze a journey destined for sonic innovation. Known for his nimble lyrical agility and a rapid-fire flow that intricately presents vivid depictions of storytelling, Doctah Dos embodies an evolving artist, already creating seismic ripples in the industry without reaching his ultimate musical apex. With an unwavering commitment to authenticity, he fearlessly traverses uncharted territories, crafting unconventional and experimental sounds. Continue reading our interview below to learn more about Doctah Dos.


RIPDAYDREAM: I would to just start by letting you share who Doctah Dos is and what inspired your music career.

Doctah Dos: Hey what’s up y’all I go by Datboydos/Doctah Dos/or simply Dos. Essentially I'm a jack of all trades but I’m a multi genre artist ranging from Raeggeton to R&B and most importantly Hip Hop/Rap. But so versatile that even country a song can be made in the right setting. Dos is a nickname that was given to me by a brother who passed away, in honor of him I take that name. At the age of 6, I started playing the piano with the talent to play music by ear. Ever since then, music has been a staple in my life from just listening to music, going to concerts, and learning to play the oboe(musical instrument). Music is here for everyone and I wish to show the passion I found for music and show that to the new generation


RIPDAYDREAM: Are there any specific artists or musicians who have significantly influenced your style or approach to making music?

Doctah Dos: The first rap song I ever heard was NWA’s “Straight Outta Compton”, how ironic for me coming from a religious background. From there I listened to early 2013-2014 Logic, shown to me by a great friend. I was really intrigued by Logic's flow and lyrical prowess, ability to paint a picture, and really make you think about things all while spitting really fast, that’s where I tend to get my agility from rappin and another artist that has influenced me a lot has been Bones and SHWB the whole group has their own distinct style but they all showed you can make it from literally nothing no label, no crazy equipment, just fun & will power. It is what keeps me pushin every day as an artist.

RIPDAYDREAM: Your beats have a distinct style. Could you describe your creative process when selecting or creating beats that complement your lyrics and overall message?

Doctah Dos: When it comes to selecting beats I’m always on the look. No matter if it’s sampled, scenes I can use in the song, or even if I hear something interesting. I’m always writing down ideas. You really just have to capture every moment you see. It’s like footage for a video the more, the better. If someone is sending me beats I always try to look for the most different/experimental from them all to give me a challenge and when I do that they tend to come out with some of the best songs I’ve ever made.


RIPDAYDREAM: What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced as a rapper, and in specific gaining exposure for Salt Lake City?

Doctah Dos: Especially in Salt Lake City it is very hard to gain traction or what you call motion. A lot of the artists here are cutthroat and don’t want to see each other win. The next man will hate the next man and it’s a repeated loop. If you’re lucky enough like me. You’ll find a good pair of teammates who just want to see each other win and rise up. There is no recipe anywhere except for having passion and working hard. You have to try everything it’s all trial and error, but always show love back to your fans that’s the


RIPDAYDREAM: Anyone who's a fan of yours knows every concert you perform at feels like a movie. How important are live performances to you?

Doctah Dos: Live performances let you and the listener, be 1 with each other for a moment of time. It can be horrible or it can be beautiful. You decide. Live performances have always been really important to me it gives you the ability to give the supporters/listeners extra emotions that they can’t receive through a screen or headphones, it’s something tangible. I always make sure they have that experience and last but not least have fun.


RIPDAYDREAM: Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or collaborations you're working on?

Doctah Dos: Can’t say much, all I can say is this ain’t nothing you heard before. some feats. with @FBFJCA$$H & @DONVINCE & @DAYONEBROTHAZ👀


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