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Nestled within the soulful realm of music resides Drey Voss, a luminary singer-songwriter whose harmonious tunes echo nostalgia and heartfelt resonance. With a dedication to infusing organic instrumentation into his compositions and captivating live performances, Drey Voss seeks to craft an auditory sanctuary where his audience finds solace and familiarity, akin to the comfort of home. For him, music isn't just a craft; it's a lifeline—a source of purpose and profound connection that became his sanctuary when the world couldn't offer solace. Continue reading our interview below to gain a deeper understanding of Drey Voss.


RIPDAYDREAM: I typically let an artist I interview give their story first, but I noticed right away how musically literate you are and I want to dive into that. Did you go to school for music or just learn on your own?

Drey Voss: Honestly, a combination of both. I've been singing for quite a long time and had voice lessons and what not which definitely helped. On the producing side of things, it was all self taught through trial and error(and YouTube lol). I've found having a lot of voice lessons has helped me find chords I need or sometimes even beatbox the drum line I hear in my head.


RIPDAYDREAM: Going off the last question, it appears you have a love for organic sound or at least a passion for it. Is it important to you for your music and live shows to incorporate a band/instruments?

Drey Voss: Yes! It is super important to have live instruments in my set. I find that a full band really brings out the emotion of a song and honestly just provides a better experience for the concertgoer. I love being able to explore bringing organic sounds and digital sounds together to make something new.

RIPDAYDREAM: I've been bumping your song 'Waste Your Time' almost every day. Can you give some insight into the creation and production of that song?

Drey Voss: I had been creating music that didn't feel authentic to me for a while and had a moment where I became hyper self aware and realized I wanted to change. Waste Your Time was that moment for me where I was able to express myself in a way that I was proud of. Plus I had a ton of help from my friends to make it was it is. We were all just invested in making something we were excited to share.


RIPDAYDREAM: Is there a specific message or feeling you aim to convey through your music?

Drey Voss: I love it when I listen to a song and it brings me back to certain memories and moments in time. I just want to provide that for other people! "Nostalgia" is the word that comes up most when I create mood boards for my releases. I want people to feel at home:)

RIPDAYDREAM: Now that we got music questions out of the way give us a background into your story with music. Who is Drey Voss?

Drey Voss: I think it started in 2019 when I dropped out of college. I was going through a lot and relying a lot on substances to get me through life. Music has always played a big role in my relationships and my emotions, and being able to create it, has helped me get over all of those hurdles. I've found a lot of purpose and connection through music that I had been missing for a long time. Drey Voss is honestly still a work in progress. I'm nowhere close to who I want to be, but I hope to be able to create safe places and beautiful music for people to get through life with.


RIPDAYDREAM: I was drawn to your aesthetic musically and visually. Were these aesthetic choices just what you like or something planned out?

Drey Voss: Every release I put out I spend time creating a mood board for it. I find it super helpful to be able to look at a board visually as I create the content to promote it. The music comes naturally, it's easiest to create music that feels real in the moment, and then I go from there.

RIPDAYDREAM: Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or collaborations you're working on?

Drey Voss: Oh boy!!! So many crazy things in the works. On top of my new single...coming soon. I've been working on a dance album with my boys SRRYNTSRRY and it's been an absolute blast. Making music in a different genre has helped a ton with my creativity.


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