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GMB Lil Chapo surfaces as a formidable force in the sphere of music, driven by an unwavering commitment and passion that transcends mere artistic expression. His journey, marked by an infusion of blood, sweat, tears, and countless sleepless nights, reflects a relentless pursuit of his true calling—music. Motivated by the profound love and support of his mother and family, GMB Lil Chapo finds inspiration to continually strive for undeniable prowess. For him, the studio booth is not just a space for creativity; it is a sanctuary where all worldly troubles dissipate, allowing his authentic self to shine. Each lyric he crafts bears the weight of deep emotions, delivering a powerful message to his audience—embracing uniqueness is not only acceptable but encouraged. GMB Lil Chapo's music transcends boundaries, aiming for the limitless expanse of the sky, fueled by a determination to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of listeners. Continue reading our interview below to learn more.


RIPDAYDREAM: Anyone who has followed you from the beginning knows how hard you grind. It is hard to put into words the amount of both physical and mental stamina you have to have in this industry. Talk about what inspires you and how music changed your life.

GMB Lil Chapo: From experience, what I can say is; it’s definitely a lot of blood, sweat, tears and a lot of sleepless nights that has been put into this journey of making it into the music industry. What inspires me to keep going at it, is my mother, Valeria Hernandez. My mother had no choice but to play both roles, after my father left when she was pregnant with me. She inspires me to give my all, because when times got hard she always found a way to put food on the table for me and my siblings. Why and how did music change my life? Well.. Let me tell you. The reason music changed my life, is because I now make an income off of it, not just that but it put me in a position where I can help my family out, such as help my mother pay the rent. I never once thought music would be something special to me until I realized I was MEANT to do this. Music plays such a tough role in my life and i say that only because it’s very therapeutic. I deal with depression and anxiety, but when I sit down in that studio booth, i feel at peace and feel all my problems are gone when i’m locked in the studio.

RIPDAYDREAM: Who is GMB Lil Chapo? What defines you as an artist and what do you want your audience to take away from your music?

GMB Lil Chapo: WHO IS GMB Lil Chapo .. ? Well.. Just another young kid who had a dream to be something special and make a name for myself, Growing up and born in a small town in Ogden, Utah. What defines me as an artist is my very lyrical, deep emotions thats being put into each song that i create. I'm far from perfect but my music shows my fans otherwise. What I want my fans to take from my music is, TOO BELIEVE AND LOVE YOURSELF, it don’t matter how big your dream is if you have the desire to chase it you will be closer to it than you ever thought you would be. All that street shit is played out, in my music I explain to my fans that it’s okay to be different, you don’t always have to follow the trends.


RIPDAYDREAM: I find it truly impressive that you provide your audience with videos of yourself engaging in the true form of rap, which is freestyling. Creating and writing music is challenging enough, but showcasing your ability to do it on the spot is very underrated these days. Can you talk about your creative process in music, and specifically, do you prefer freestyling on the spot or writing your lyrics?

GMB Lil Chapo: Honestly, I search in the deepest parts of my self to create very powerful lyrics. I feel the energy and engage it to the point where rhymes pop up in my head than no other so it gives me the power to bust out rhymes without having to think real hard about what I’m going to say. I usually throw an instrumental on and start freestyling and start catching a vibe wether it’s with my brother or by myself. In all honestly I’d rather prefer writing my lyrics than freestyling it, but if someone wants me to do it on the spot, I have trained my mind to be ready for situations like that so it’s easy for me to rap off the dome n showcase my talent.

RIPDAYDREAM: I want to give a shoutout to whoever you have producing for you because they fit your voice and lyrical flow perfectly. Do you have a process for choosing beats or is it whatever vibe you are feeling at the moment?

GMB Lil Chapo: One person who saw my vision, is Megagnar, a producer from Salt Lake City, Utah. I don’t have to tell him what I want because he already knows exactly what will fit best for me and my lyrics. My process on beat selections is just really based off of what type of vibe I’m feeling at that certain moment. I don’t always have a vibe in mind, I just always go based off of how i’m feeling.


RIPDAYDREAM: Your debut album, 'Am i Welcomed', was released last year and elevated you to a whole new level. Talk about the conception of this project and the work you put in to create the 16 songs. 

GMB Lil Chapo: It was scary for me to be real with you.. I say that because I’ve always put out west coast vibes. This album I switched up genres to show the world, I can’t only make hyphy west coast music but radio ready hits. I switched to the melodic side to see what kind of reviews I would get off of it. This album was named 'Am I Welcomed' because as I’m getting deeper into the rap game it’s a message for the industry with a question for them “am i welcomed ?…”, I say that because I know i’m a different breed and don’t think they will be ready to see me at my fullest potential, it’ll get real dark. I planned to drop an album for 3 years but never knew how i would introduce my fans to the real “Chapo” . It was a long process but I found a sound so heavenly I knew it would be something special. October 10th, 2019 I tried taking my own life due to depression. I had a vision and story I needed to get out to the world, only because I knew there were a lot of younger kids going through the same shit. Probably even worse and I knew I had the words to help them out. To finish this album, it took a lot of long nights of getting no rest, deleting songs because I felt they weren’t “good enough”. Once I had my 16 songs, it was wrap because god gave me the vision for each songs that I created.

RIPDAYDREAM: Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or collaborations you're working on?

GMB Lil Chapo: My brother GMB Chopzz and me are working on our first album together as GrimeyMafiaBoyzz as we speak. The Album Will be called 'Sold Out', referring to manifesting this dream we have been working on. It will have west coast vibes, mixed with deep story telling and melodic raps. I also been working on a tape with an artist named YungRam, and on the side doing features with some local artist.


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