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Every year brings the anticipation of artist breakthroughs. A rising sensation is ready to send shockwaves – behold, J JAXX. What makes his musical progression truly remarkable is the way he's been willing to be a student of the art, weaving it into two hit singles that are uniquely his own. Listening to his latest single 'OFF the RIP', showcases him as a musical chameleon with three distinct personas, each masterfully navigating and owning a unique style of music. With a blazing start marked by just two singles, the question lingers in the air: when will J JAXX's explosive sound reverberate through the playlists of music lovers everywhere? The answer is imminent. Continue reading our interview below to experience this rising star.


RIPDAYDREAM: Something I can appreciate when first listening to a new artist is that they took influence from others but made it their own. How do you find authenticity and your own sound?

J JAXX: I feel as if I took Travis Scott, NBA Youngboy, and a lil bit of Swae Lee all into one. I get the melodic side of Travis, the pain and motif from Youngboy, and the love type of sound from Swae. I’ve taken it and really made my own voice heard.


RIPDAYDREAM: Let's take a moment to visualize something together. Picture yourself walking out onto the stage during your world tour, and the scene before you is a sold-out show. The grind and hustle that brought you to this point suddenly make sense, and the journey itself becomes the source of excitement, not just the destination. I envision this as your reality, and I hope you see it within yourself as well. Often, we don't hear enough about the personal joys musicians experience throughout their careers. What is your favorite part of making music?

J JAXX: My favorite part of making music is seeing the people’s smiles when I get on stage. Seeing the people jump, seeing their hands up just vibin, it’s just amazing man.

RIPDAYDREAM: I want to dive into your song 'OFF the RIP'. If you break down the song you really have three songs from my perspective or like three different versions of J Jaxx. You start with "Melodic J Jaxx" giving synthetic resonance. Next comes "Narrative J Jaxx" painting a picture. All comes to an end with "Hold my drink I'm about to hop on this beat real quick J Jaxx". Insane the range you were able to fit into this song and also shout out to my boy Adam Banx producing this hit. Where does your creative mind go when you step up to the plate for a song like this?

J JAXX: That was the point!! Travis Scott’s 'Utopia' heavily influenced that song, you can hear it in the not 1 but 3 beat changes. Adam killed that shit on god that’s my brotha!!!! The creative mindset I walked into the studio and presented to Adam was “Imagine I’m walkin into the club, everybody’s high off life, everybody’s got a cup, and they sippin”, and that’s where 'OFF the RIP' came from.


RIPDAYDREAM: Music is an escape for a lot of people and In some cases even therapeutic. What would you like your music or persona to say or mean to your audience?

J JAXX: I want my music to not only make people happy, but just make people feel like they can do what they want. I want to be the artist that inspires others, I want to be the artist that maybe heals listeners.

RIPDAYDREAM: Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or collaborations you're working on?


  • 14 track album featuring Adam Banx, Ferrari$moke, Nate Taft.

  • Feb 2nd, new single “me n you”.

  • Jan 26th Nate Taft feat. J JAXX “Changes”.

  • stay tuned in for more.


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