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In todays music scene, there exists an artist who transcends mere rhythms, weaving intricate narratives of resilience, hope, and introspection. Through the lyrical alchemy of his craft, JayJay $avage emerges not merely as a musician but as a beacon of healing. His music tells stories of overcoming tough times and finding hope. It's like heartfelt poetry set to melodies resonating echos of the shared human experience. His artistry not only saved himself from the depths of despair, but has become a lifeline for countless others, a testament to the profound impact of his music. Continue reading our interview below to learn more about JayJay $avage.


RIPDAYDREAM: I would love to first learn your story. Everyone has their own hardships and success stories, but for artists, it heavily influences their music. What is your story and how did music become apart of it?

JayJay $avage: I started doing poetry in 11th grade, ended up graduating and getting arrested few months later. I had just started rapping, freestyling and working on my book. People started telling me my music was a cure and helped them save themself but later on dealt with some mental health issues. I ended up stuck in the studio everyday for months. It helped me understand myself.


RIPDAYDREAM: I think one of the best things for a fan of music like myself is finding a new artist and being shocked at how talented they are. From the production to your tonality, everything seems very methodical and thought out. Has it always come naturally to you or was there a progression to find your sound?

JayJay $avage: I was making good music still but I was lost in sound or what my message was suppose to be. Never hard, actually a lot easier because of the poetry, but locking in with myself helped me get better with a lot of things I lacked in music. I usually do about 50 takes of each part.

RIPDAYDREAM: How do you stay authentic to yourself while adapting to changes in the industry?

JayJay $avage: Remembering where I come from, how music saved me and remembering I’ve got a lot of people who look up to me. So just trying my hardest to be myself and not get caught up in the hype. Music is fiction for a lot of people, but my music is a timeline.


RIPDAYDREAM: I think for any artist in a smaller city market for music there are going to be larger obstacles. Why do you think people should pay attention to the 801 music scene and where would you like to see it improve?

JayJay $avage: I think everyone deserves a shot, if not 2 at least 1, but it comes from consistency, transparency and unity. Utah doesn’t have unity, so it’s a break more than it’s a make.

RIPDAYDREAM: Can you give us any hints about your upcoming projects or collaborations?

JayJay $avage: Not many collaborations, got about 2-3 features. But have 30+ unreleased songs. Plan on dropping a song every month or few weeks. I’ve got 2 different projects in Af Oji, a Somali dialect. There will be pain and party music. Also have few other projects, “More Than Rap.”, “$ad but $avage.”, and few others.


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