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Heartbreak, an emotion that weaves through the fabric of our lives, leaving a profound impact that resonates with the deepest corners of our being. It's the poignant melody that accompanies the end of a love story, a bitter pill we swallow when connections unravel. Whether it is just to reminisce about past relationships or to heal your wounded heart many turn to music. Introducing JayRome, a once in a generational talent whose impact on the music scene is undeniable. Now is the time to truly appreciate this extraordinary artist and the profound influence he can have. JayRome's love for music is deeply rooted, having grown up immersed in soulful slow jams with his mom. Music runs through his veins, evident in the authenticity and emotion embedded in his work. A genuine lover boy, his music serves as a captivating journey, exploring themes from one night stands to the one that got away. JayRome not only inspires those around him but also stands as a testament to the person he is. His success is not just in his achievements but a reflection of his character and the genuine connection he shares through his music. Continue reading our interview below to learn more about your new favorite artist.


RIPDAYDREAM: The artist Russ said "If they haven't heard it then it's brand new", and I couldn't agree more. I feel late to the JayRome party, but I am hopping on the train and not getting off. Tell our readers who JayRome is.

JayRome: I am a Polynesian musician based out of West Valley City, UT. Very laid back and chill but also anti social and a homebody so it's rare to see me out and about unless its music related. Most of Utah is late to the JayRome wave, I've never witnessed more hate like I have in my own city/state or even amongst my own community. Which is why I took the initiative of taking my talents where they were appreciated... and it just so happened to be the place where people go to chase their dreams, Los Angeles, but California in general. I can confidently say I'm more known in cities in California than I am out here in Utah. Slowly but surely, the people here are starting to see what I'm capable of and are slowly getting hip the the wave.


RIPDAYDREAM: Can you give us an insight into your backstory with music? I am always curious what moment or influence led an artist to start releasing their own music.

JayRome: I've always loved music and grew up listening to lots of slow jams due to my mom. On my pops side there's a lot of musical talent, I won't name drop but if I did it'd be apparent that music runs in our blood. It wasn't til my senior year of high school and experiencing heartbreak that made me start dabbling in the music. I started off doing those rap challenges that were popular back in 2018 (such as the ten toes down challenge) and from there, a friend of a friend got me in the studio and that birthed a passion for creating music.

RIPDAYDREAM: I just finished listening to your EP 'Wit Luv, JayRome' and I feel like I just experienced a superstar being born. R&B/Soul has to grab my attention to really appreciate it and for 'Wit Luv, JayRome' I was hooked from 'J's Interlude' all the way to 'Organic Lemonade'. Talk about your creative process from the beginning conception of the EP to the release of the project. 

JayRome: Each song is about a certain situation I experienced. I'm a lover boy and I love to love. Relationships are my thing. And essentially each song from that EP is a letter to a certain ex or someone I used to talk to, hence the reason the name being Wit Luv, JayRome. I write my music from experience, and with this EP I wanted to be able to express my thoughts and feelings on these situations with these girls. I wanted there to be a track for all listening ears, which is why different situations brought different vibes to a song. J's interlude talks about me being drunk and indulging in a one night stand. Stay Smoove talks about this girl from one of my shows, and how I was feeling about her. Fox Body is dedicated to that ex who really held me down and was a solid, beautiful inside and out kind of girl. Lane switching is for that ex who switched up on me when I least expected it and Organic Lemonade was dedicated to all the talking stages who thought they had the one up on me, yeah I'm a lover boy but I also keep it player so don't think I'm just someone you can take advantage of because of the size of my heart, cause ima definitely talk my shit.


RIPDAYDREAM: From seeing through a window into your live performances and jump in streams in 2023 it's very apparent you have created a community of die hard fans. What do you want your audience to take away from your music?

JayRome: I just want them to enjoy it honestly. I get hella messages all the time from my supporters about how they can resonate with certain songs, or that playing one of my songs put they girl in the mood and I ended up helping a supporter get some play without me physically having to do anything. Things of that nature make this music worth it. I hope that I can inspire my supporters who make music and show them that anything is possible if you work hard and move with integrity. My success is a reflection of who I am as a person. And goes to show that you don't have to compromise standards or morals to be able to find relevancy within this music. Always stay humble and hungry and true to yourself.

RIPDAYDREAM: Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or collaborations you're working on?

JayRome: The most I will say is that this is the year I'm dropping the most music I've ever dropped. At this point in my career, blessings are in abundance so rather than telling the audience what's to come, ima just show them.


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