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Introducing Mge_dagoatest, a rap artist hailing originally from Louisiana, now poised to influence not only the local music scene in the 801 but also set his sights on a global takeover. Embodying the spirit of greatness, Mge_dagoatest boldly claims to be the greatest since Lil Wayne, and his music undeniably makes a compelling case for such a title. Fusing elements of hype club music with a distinct reflection of pain, his unique sound is a game changer that resonates with listeners on a profound level. Beyond his musical prowess, Mge_dagoatest has a profound impact on upcoming artists, offering inspiration to those who are yet to find their stride and reach their full potential in the ever-evolving world of hip-hop. Continue reading our interview below to unveil your new favorite artist.


RIPDAYDREAM: I just have to say first I wish I found your music sooner because god damn your music is fire. I have never heard someone out of the 801 with this sound. I want to dive into everything but tell our readers who Mge_Dagoatest is.

Mge_dagoatest: I'm Him, I'm Different I feel I'm what the Rap game has been missing. Everything I do, I try to set myself apart in all aspects, from the name to the bottle caps to the sound. The name is the biggest thing I feel I ever put together cause 'Da Goatest' stands for (Da Greatest Of All Time Ever Since Tunechii). I Say that because every artist call they self a Goat but Wayne Is the real goat. Me being from Louisiana, I respect what he branded himself as, Da Goat. So, I'm the goat after Wayne; I'm Da Goatest.


RIPDAYDREAM: I will be honest I didn't even believe you were living in Salt Lake City with the music you put out. Are you born and raised here? Give us some backstory into your life up till now.

Mge_dagoatest: I was born and raised in Gibson, Louisiana. I was the youngest boy, but I didn't grow up with my brothers till I was like 10 are 11 cause I had a foster family that took custody of me. Moving back with my brothers, they were in the streets, so through the years being around them, watching them forced me to catch on to the game. Living in the struggle life, the streets were the only way, so I hopped in the streets and paid a lot of prices for it. I Did hella jail time back to back, and I done been locked in street wars. One day I was like, " I'm leaving Louisiana." I was working a travel job, and the required job was here in Utah. One night, on my day off, I stepped out to check out the view and ran into a lil outside spot doing a local show. I walked in, paid attention, and looking at the support the artist had on stage was the reason I told myself this is where I'm staying at. I had to go face a year in Louisiana for some charges and now I'm back and ready.

RIPDAYDREAM: Everything from your beat selection to lyrical delivery is so hard. How did you develop your sound and do you have any influences that helped shape who you are as an artist today?

Mge_dagoatest: I have a strong feeling for pain music, and when I make music, I don't really care if it's a song for the radio, the club, or the streets. I'm going to give them that high energy pitch I've been wanting. The people that feel me, I am making these people wanna turn up. I can make all music but my favorite is hype club music, and I make it with pain. I feel that's gonna change the game.


RIPDAYDREAM: Your three song project, 'November 29th' is really just three solid hits in a row in my opinion. Talk about the conception of this music and what you want your listeners to get from it.

Mge_dagoatest: It was really just put together for something to put out while I was away doing that time. So the music was just there and my release date was November 29th, but the songs go so well together cause a lot of my music I go with the vibe. I don't really write, I just go in and catch the vibe and pitch of my voice. I go in and punch in and out a lot to set different vibes to match the beat.

RIPDAYDREAM: One thing that is crazy to me is there are so many negative opinions about Utah's music scene, but if they just listened to the artists we cover like yourself there would be no debate. What's your opinion on this subject?

Mge_dagoatest: I don't care really to speak on the hate people have towards someone chasing a dream. They love to do it, but personally, I'd rather go to a local show than a top artist show. I'm just cut that way, cause some upcoming artists are more talented than the ones in the game. They just don't have any control or stride. People ain't wanting to take the time and believe and invest in that upcoming artist.


RIPDAYDREAM: Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or collaborations you're working on?

Mge_dagoatest: I got the 'First Day Out' video dropping, and I got an EP in the works. I have a couple of artists I been working with like Roc Zoe, Brgndy, Nephew Town(my manager) Fsf Nes. I also got a couple of different producers, but that's a surprise. My biggest favorite to work with is Roc Zoe; He is 10x talented, and I feel working with him brings out a demon inside of me creatively.


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