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The OhJacee Interview

The struggle to have one's work heard is an ongoing challenge for any emerging artist, and it becomes even more formidable when hailing from a state like Utah. A prevailing mentality often takes root, suggesting that unless you reside in one of the music entertainment hubs, breaking into the industry is an uphill battle. Here at Ripdaydream, we thrive on challenging such beliefs, which is why interviewing the artist OhJacee, who shares our conviction, was important. Originating from Ogden, Utah, OhJacee refuses to let his location impede his artistic growth. Having recently signed with KiingRod, he is determined to draw attention to his state and change its culture. Continue reading our interview below to hear his story.


RIPDAYDREAM: I think it's important to start with your background and roots. Talk about your past and most importantly how music entered your life.

OhJacee: I have always been around a lot of different music when I was lil, it would range from Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, to Eminem to Jay Z. When I got older I got into music as an artist because I would freestyle with my cousin and then one time I was in a studio just kickin it and I hopped on the mic and screamed just messing around and I looked up to the whole room looking at me just like mesmerized like what the fuck is wrong with this kid. Then the kid recording was like dude that was like on some X shit so from there I started recording and writing. I did my first show outta state in Vegas with my cousin and we won a 2HotRadio contest got to go to Atlanta so when we did our first local show we pulled hella people and I saw the potential. He got locked up and I had to start doing my solo shit and I really got like lost tryna figure out my sound so I kinda disappeared for a couple years. This year (2023) in July I dropped my first music video and I’ve spent the last year just building connections, I just got signed to KiingRod from SOBxRBE and we gon do some shit with Empire so this just the beginning for real.


RIPDAYDREAM: I am always curious about the influences that artists draw from for their music. Talk about any past events or other artists that have helped with the creation of your music.

OhJacee: My biggest inspirations I would say growing up I was a punk kid some of my favorite bands are Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, Slipknot, Linkin Park. The first hip hop I got into was Eminem and from there I got into Lil Wayne and Kanye. That was all casual tho, I’d say what actually helped me get where I am today is all the bands I just talked about then like Shoreline Mafia, Devour, SOBxRBE, XXXTentacion, Lil Peep, Post Malone, Juice WRLD, Kid Laroii, and Suicide Boys . Then other local artists around me such as GrimeyMafiaBoyzz and Lil Crimes.


RIPDAYDREAM: Let's dive in the Utah music scene. What are the major challenges being an artist here, and where would you like to see it grow?

OhJacee: I’d say the biggest challenge is that nobody works together, everyone got an ego and think they better they think they gon be the one to make it out or like they want to be the first one to make it out type shit. Everybody uses each other or leeches they expect you to bring something to the table while they have nothing to offer and nobody shares each others shi they afraid their gonna lose their fans to another artist as if a person can only like one artist or something. Everything is pay to play down here as well.

RIPDAYDREAM: Listening to your music is inspiring because you have so many different sounds and flows that you draw from that its almost impossible to put you into a box. Talk about why it is so important to be a versatile artist.

OhJacee: I feel like a lot of people think being versatile is not the best because they might know you for one sound but me personally, I feel like it’s good to be able to touch different audiences and express different messages tho. Like imagine a guy at a party who can do a cool trick but you see him again at every party doing the same trick that shit gon get old real quick. Plus like I feel like not a lot of artists can make a bunch of different sounds so it’s cool to be able to show that talent off to the world in a sense.


RIPDAYDREAM: What would you like to share about yourself or your music that you think someone reading would like to know?

OhJacee: Honestly I’d say just keep going it’s worth it, shit gets worse before it gets better but when it does get better it’s one the best feelings ever. No matter what position you are in you can make it my momma always be saying that if there’s a will then there’s a way. Also don’t listen to what other people gotta say trust your gut and even tho it’s hard it’s really as simple as just follow your dreams. If I can make it thru all the shit I’ve been through and ways I’ve felt and things I’ve seen then anyone can real talk.


RIPDAYDREAM: Whats next for you?

OhJacee: Right now I’m working on a mixtape with KiingRod we got some fire on there Fosho I’ll be announcing that soon so y’all can look forward to a couple music videos with my brother, I been working on a lot of new music currently just been recording and writing every day I’m prolly a sitting on like a hundred songs so when I start dropping singles after this mixtape y’all will hear a lot of new sounds and y’all will see the work I been putting in.


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