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In the heart of Texas, where Country Trap reigns supreme, emerges a different sounding artist whose dreams are transcending into reality. Pardonkasino_, a force to be reckoned with, is set to grace the biggest stages, unleashing a brand of music that demands attention from the very first note. His sound is bold, unapologetic, and in-your-face, a testament to an artist who not only has something to say but deserves to be heard. Injecting innovation and rejuvenation into the realm of Trap music, Pardonkasino_ is a trailblazer making seismic waves in an industry often dominated by familiar sounds. Hailing from a Texas landscape known for other traditions, he embarks on a mission to redirect the spotlight toward the underground sound that's steadily exploding into the forefront of the music scene. Brace yourselves as Pardonkasino_ propels his unique vision, carving a distinct niche in the musical landscape that demands attention


RIPDAYDREAM: In your recent song 'Childish' you say you are the rookie of the year and I think that's a perfect way to describe where you are headed. Just like athletes, I think as an emerging artist your talents are shining through and are going to impact the music landscape. What are your thoughts on this and where do you see yourself taking your career?

Pardonkasino_: I see myself taking my career to perform at the Madison square garden type shit changing the way people look at trap music and also bringing up all my homies who've helped my sound step further into a different wave.


RIPDAYDREAM: Diving through your music I kept thinking of the term" 0 to 100". You throw on a Pardonkasino_ song and you better be ready to rage from the start. How did you develop your sound and do you prefer to freestyle or write your lyrics?

Pardonkasino_: Well as a younger kid in a household where parents always fighting I was never heard as a person and always found myself yelling and getting louder as my way of getting you to listen to me as of "Hey I'm right here" type of thing so when you hear me getting loud in my music you hear my voice and I want to be heard.

RIPDAYDREAM: Focusing now on your song 'Big Wave', talk to me about the creative process and the crazy success it had.

Pardonkasino_: 'Big Wave' came out of nowhere like a literal wave the original song was by a Korean lady who had a song called 'Big Wave' and she had this crazy TikTok trend blowing up if you look up big wave on TikTok you'll know the trend lol and at the time I was looking to switch my sound from trap music to more heaven beats with trap lyrics kinda like a mix so I looked up a Sigilkore beat and it sounded like the big wave trend so I bought the beats recorded it with no intentions on dropping it. The next day I show to my friend and he's like, "Bro drop this it's hard," and he hardly fucks with my music, but he told me to drop so I just knew this was the one. So I dropped it and it sat at like 30 streams for a week and I was gonna quit right there then the next week it hit. I checked my phone and there it was 100 streams then it got 100 more streams a day, then 1k streams, etc. It just blew up and switched my whole mentality and I knew to go harder.


RIPDAYDREAM: Something crazy to us is the reach our platform can have and we have been getting a lot of love from the music scene in Texas. Talk about where you are from and what the music scene is doing there.

Pardonkasino_: The Texas music scene here is very hard and lots of cold people here, but when you hear Texas you think of Country Trap or like DJ Screw depending on where you at. There are a lot of people who actually have different sounds and have a lot to offer than just the regular mainstream rap.

RIPDAYDREAM: Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or collaborations you're working on?

Pardonkasino_: I'm working on another album this year, and hopefully a collab EP with my boy Xander Hill. Also music videos every week so it's a lot of content, but I'm determined to push my name out. I'm gonna put myself at a point where you can't escape me.


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