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Throw on some headphones, kick up your feet, and enjoy some River The Kid, where fresh flows and new perspectives meet. This artist goes beyond the beats, aspiring to influence and connect with listeners on a profound level. River The Kid's music serves as a conduit for inspiration, encouraging others to explore their own creative depths. When you press play on a River The Kid song you receive poignant narratives about love, personal struggles, and unforgettable moments. River The Kid discovered the therapeutic power of writing at the tender age of 13, and by 15, he released his debut track. Taking the time to refine his sound identity, River The Kid is meticulously crafting a sound that mirrors his essence. As the kinks are worked out, a devoted following is emerging, transforming listeners into devoted enthusiasts. In a burgeoning music scene, River The Kid is not only building his own image but also helping his community expand. Join the movement and continue reading our interview below to experience his evolution.


RIPDAYDREAM: I saw you perform at 'Ride To The Rage' and I can tell when an artist practices and knows how to have stage presence. What was even more impressive is after your set you took damn near half the crowd with you. Tell us the feeling you get performing and how important is it to connect with your fans.

River The Kid: I love performing, it feels like a chance to gain fans in real time. I love being able to play my music live, when I write my music I am always thinking of how certain parts will sound live. What I love most though is having people come up to me after and tell me that they liked my stuff or said that they got hype, that makes all the work worth it.


RIPDAYDREAM: The floor is yours to tell our readers who River The Kid is and how you would describe your music.

River The Kid: River The Kid's music encapsulates feeling, spanning a handful of genres I put my life and soul into what I produce. I want to influence and connect with people through my music, and inspire others to make their own. I like to tell a story whether that’s about love, trying to make it in the industry, or a wonderful day, I always try to take the listener for a ride. If you want fresh flows and a new spin on your favorite genres then River The Kid is your artist.

RIPDAYDREAM: I am giving you the title "New Kid On The Block" and there is a hungry energy about you that's ready to have a big year in music. You started releasing music in 2022, but I am assuming you had a love for music before this. Talk about your start in music and where it has evolved to the present day.

River The Kid: I have been writing since I was 13-14, I have always been an emotional person and writing gave me a way to process and understand my life better. I recorded my first song and posted it at 15, and to be honest it was pretty bad. But I loved being able to listen to my own music and I got obsessed. I made my first album pretty quickly and put it out completely independently, producing and all. After that I wanted the quality of my music to be better so I made an album called I GUESS THATS IT. I got people to produce so I sounded more professional and got into a studio to record. Once I saw how people reacted to quality I knew I was doing something right. So I started making content and networking and putting myself out there more, and now I am shooting music videos and performing, and collaborating with bigger artists. In a year the progress is going to blow people away.


RIPDAYDREAM: The 801 music scene is an ever evolving community. What would you like to see change or grow?

River The Kid: I would like to see more community. People are so bored in this state I feel like we need to foster a hardcore underground community to help growth. I would also like to see people work together more, it feels like in such a small state where nobody is really a superstar yet every time you see somebody doing something you aren’t we take it as a threat or see it as competition. But the way I see it is we all would just work together and push people up then we would all grow so much more and so much faster.

RIPDAYDREAM: Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or collaborations you're working on?

River The Kid: Oooo sneaky sneaky, I am currently sitting on a song and a music video. I am trying to make an album with a ton of local artists on it right now. I am going to be dropping a song a month from now on though. I am also working on putting on my own events/shows, that’s still in the planning stage tho.


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