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Underneath the electrifying canopy of pulsating lights and the rhythmic symphony of thumping bass, where dreams echo through the beats, there exists a dynamic force that goes by the name Traphouse22. DJ MEZZ and MAYLIN, the formidable duo behind the decks, transcended the realm of mere daydreams and transformed their shared passion for music into a tangible reality. Fuelled by relentless determination, they refused to wait for opportunities to knock on their door. Instead, they founded 1Crew, a company that evolved from a humble aspiration to a powerhouse in the industry. Booking, promoting, and organizing became their forte, propelling them into collaborations with heavyweight artists like Bobby Shmurda and orchestrating the grandest New Year's event in their home state. As the calendar turns to 2024, Traphouse22 stands at the cusp of a meteoric rise, driven by an unwavering spirit and an insatiable hunger to break new heights and solidify their place in the sonic landscape. Continue reading our interview below to learn more.


RIPDAYDREAM: Before we explore the multitude of diverse projects you both are involved in, I'd love to start with introductions. As someone who delves into research on artists and their multifaceted endeavors, I'm eager to hear from both of you about your backgrounds, how your paths intersected, and how your involvement in various projects began.


MAYLIN - came up in the local music scene freestyling and rap battling, and started releasing music as a junior in high school. He started making a name for himself and racking up streams on SoundCloud. MAY was kicked out of his house due to a religious family but continued being dedicated to his craft and paving the way. He’s now opened for major artists, and festivals, played headlining shows, been on several tours, and has multi-million streams on streaming platforms.

DJ MEZZ - 17 years old started throwing warehouse parties and booking various venues across the state. In high school had access to recording equipment and helped various artists in the area create music. After years of being a successful promoter and organizer in UT, he decided to transition into being a DJ for his love of music. Been a professional DJ for 3+ years having multiple residencies, opening for major artists, festivals, and headlining shows.

Traphouse22 - After meeting in detention in high school, their love for music brought them together. MEZZ started helping May record music and helped land him a spot on tour with Mark Battles. They also began throwing shows for local high schools that created notoriety. Later on MEZZ would DJ MAY’s shows, and MAY would MC MEZZ’s shows. They started receiving recognition as a duo, and it made sense to create an official duo alongside their solo careers.


RIPDAYDREAM: I think in a state that's not known for entertainment you both are making a huge statement. When you look over all the events and concerts you have thrown you can feel the energy through the phone. Talk about 1 Crew, how that developed into what it is today, and the vision you have for the company.

Traphouse22: 1Crew started as a group of high school kids throwing rap shows and parties for their friends. Coming from a state that is behind in the industry they had to create a way to get booked for shows instead of waiting for other people to book them. It has now grown into a full booking, promoting, and organizing company with major artists such as Bobby Shmurda and the largest New Years event in the state under their belt. They plan to grow the bookings, the parties, and the rave scene as well as continue to propel MEZZ and MAY in their own respective careers.

RIPDAYDREAM: How did your DJ duo come about? I'm curious to know if the events and concerts you throw influenced being a music act yourselves or was the plan always there for both.

Traphouse22: Most of the background is explained above, they have always helped each other with their music and shows and have played dozens of shows together in front of massive crowds. The buzz grew and promoters started asking for the duo. It only made sense to make it official. The name Traphouse22 comes from MAY’S love of trap music and MEZZ’S love of house music, along with their shared favorite number of 22.


RIPDAYDREAM: How important is it for you to establish a personal connection with your audience through your music and events?

Traphouse22: Connection to the audience is everything. It’s one of the major reasons we do what we do and why we have been so successful at it. Most DJs get booked to play music, we get booked to put on a performance and connect with the crowd. Beyond Traphouse’s stage presence and performance value, we try to take the audience on a journey of emotions and experiences. Musically, whether it’s MAYLIN’s Hip Hop or TRAPHOUSES EDM, connecting to the listener at a deep and personal level has always been the bread and butter.

RIPDAYDREAM: How do you prepare for live performances, and what do you aim to convey to your audience during a show?

Traphouse22: Mind, body, soul. Traphouse has a major emphasis on staying healthy and fit. They’re both major gym goers and like to look their best on stage. Throughout the week leading up to the show, they are rehearsing set lists, getting on stage looks together, and prepared mentally. On show day they're pulling up with their posse, dressed to impress, ready to kill a performance. They never forget to say their signature prayer and hit some push ups before show time. The audience can expect a full on performance, and they’re not afraid to push the limits of a traditional set.


RIPDAYDREAM: What can fans expect from you in the near future? Any hints at upcoming projects or events?

Traphouse22: Much is hush hush, but you can expect a breakthrough into the EDM scene, as well as Traphouse producing and releasing their own EDM music. They have multiple in state tours planned many more shows are in the works. May is planning on releasing more music and freestyles as well as content creation. MEZZ is continuing to land residencies and play clubs across UT. They are also working on branching out to other parts of the US and spreading the movement throughout the country.


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