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Year after year, the music industry undergoes a transformative evolution, with artists continuously pushing boundaries and blending genres in unprecedented ways. In this era of heightened connectivity, artists have the unprecedented opportunity to authentically engage with their fans. Amidst this dynamic landscape, Vendetta Lust emerges as a multi-talented pop/hip-hop artist, swiftly etching his name in the industry. With infectious beats, irresistible hooks, and an undeniable stage charisma, Vendetta Lust has firmly established a unique presence in the music industry. What sets his style apart is his seamless embrace of assorted influences, effortlessly maneuvering between the melodic euphoria of his music and personal discovery. Continue reading to learn how Vendetta Lust is cementing his position in today's music scene.


RIPDAYDREAM: Hey Ashton, we appreciate you taking the time to let us interview you. I would love to start by letting you go back to the beginning. Talk about your life growing up and how music became your passion.

Vendetta Lust: It all started for me when I was 15 years old. My grandma was getting a quadruple bypass surgery on her heart and I was in the waiting room looking for a distraction. My cousin had written a song and I had always wanted to try so I did. I ended up writing an entire song in 30 min. Ever since then, which was over a decade ago, I’ve been writing music. I felt that music chose me in a sense. It’s always been my journal.


RIPDAYDREAM: I can remember the day Jackson Druce told me you were scheming up some insane music so I had to check it out for myself. It is crazy to see your progression over the years and feels like you have found the direction you want to go with your sound. What is it like for an artist finding themselves and in a way discovering what works and what doesn't?

Vendetta Lust: It’s crazy that you say that because at the beginning it was sort of about the cool things in life. Things I wanted people to portray me as but in reality, it wasn’t my reality. I started making music with Seth Klein and Jackson Druce and it was all rap with few Melodies. Fast forward to post sauceboys and I had felt that I found my sound through vulnerability. Which was hard to find as a man. I think all of us have a hard time being vulnerable. But that came with singing and I never had a natural singing voice so I took vocal lessons and fell in love. I became obsessed with the feeling and attachment I'd get with a vulnerable song or story I would write about. That’s when it started to click. That’s when the passion outweighed the thought of fame and money. I think that’s when I figured out what works. Long story short, found the right reasons and chased those!

RIPDAYDREAM: I see your grind on social media and I'm always curious how artists feel about the switch in the industry requiring a social media presence. What are your thoughts?

Vendetta Lust: Love/hate man. I love the aspect of influence or impact on the people who listen to you for you and not just watch because of dramatics or images. But I hate that it’s not about the substance or creativity in the music anymore. It’s about the popularity and the plot twist. I think that the real passionate musicians that are obsessed will always find a way, but it’s definitely a longer road.


RIPDAYDREAM: Going off the last question, you not only post about your music but personal growth which inspires a lot of people. Is it important for you to show your authentic self?

Vendetta Lust: Yes bro. The most important part for me is to show that I make mistakes and this is what I do to learn from them. I take my vulnerability and wear my heart on my sleeve very seriously and I put it out there to show how proud I am to be that man. Because there are too many people that are afraid of opinions. As men, we almost have an instinct to want people to be intimidated or have a sense of so-called manliness. If we don’t portray that, people might think we’re weak. In reality, it’s the exact opposite. Thank you for saying it inspires people as well! That means a lot.

RIPDAYDREAM: I've been bumping your song 'Dumb Advice' and pretending I can sing. Can you talk about how you developed this song?

Vendetta Lust: Hahaha my dude! Let’s go. Hyped you enjoy it. So that song came about when I was thinking about a hook-up or in other words a vice. But being a rebound and them trying to give you relationship advice is a double-edged sword. Hence the lyrics “I’m your vice, I just don’t want your dumb advice” I’m aware of what I am to you but that doesn’t make you superior. That was a fun one to make!


RIPDAYDREAM: What's next for you?

Vendetta Lust: I want to continue to impact the young men who don’t feel like they can be vulnerable or open. Let them know that it’s a superpower. I want to make music that talks and tells a story and if that turns me into a star, great! But I’ll never go against my morals or play a villain role to become a pop star. I’ll do it my way or no way. Wherever I end up, I will make music till the day I die. Regardless of a check or recognition.


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