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For a moment, imagine closing your eyes, throwing on headphones, and letting the captivating melodies of a YN Drako song develop in your ears. YN Drako effortlessly weaves intricate connection and poignant lyrics into every composition, leaving a lasting impression. His unparalleled sound and emotive performances resonate deeply with listeners, evoking a profound sense of connection and empathy. With a unique ability to infuse raw emotion into each of his creations, YN Drako's music transcends mere entertainment, serving as a compelling narrative of the human experience. Continue reading our interview to dive deeper into the world of this dynamic artist.


RIPDAYDREAM: When was the moment you knew you wanted to start taking music more seriously?

YN Drako: Back in 2018 I had my first ever studio session with real equipment, a sound booth an a producer. Before that point I had made a few throwaway songs on my iPhone 6 just for fun on a small USB mic that I bought an adapter for so it could plug into my phone and work in garage band. I hadn't ever been around anything like this but it felt like a new home almost. I felt immediately comfortable an in my element since all I had known prior was recording in my little brothers closest. I ended up recording four songs in two hours since I came with a few already wrote. The producer was extremely impressed and was able to add effects an top tier mixing in the blink of an eye. This producer (Unseen) later ended up becoming one of my best friends who I just flew out to Miami with me to be my full time engineer. Our friendship an his belief in my work ethic made us a deadly duo. after that there was no going back.


RIPDAYDREAM: How do you think your background or personal experiences have influenced your music?

YN Drako: In a major way. I never experienced any real life trauma until after graduating high school, so by that point I had been making music a good 3-4 years and was just starting to get good at writing different rhyme schemes. I heard a quote in a movie once but it’s stuck with me for years now and still holds true. It says “Music Takes Us Where Word Can Not.” So when I lost my good friend, Walt Justis, to suicide I had no way to verbally express any emotion I felt other than in the form of music. I didn’t wanna talk to anyone about how I felt but at the same time wanted to talk to anyone who would listen. It was a new, very dark chapter of my life that I didn’t feel prepared for in any way. So I stuck to the only thing I knew, and that was my life in music.

RIPDAYDREAM: Would you say becoming an artist in the 21st century is difficult or easy?

YN Drako: It’s easy to do, but difficult to do right. Almost anyone is an “artist” in some way shape or form nowadays. Back in the late 90s & early 2000s it was a little bit more simpler than now. You could just put your mixes on a tape and sell it an hope you sell to the right person. Now with the new age of technology you're forced to be a content creator along side a musician, that’s just what the game is now like it or not. These labels aren’t looking for talent to sell records anymore like they were twenty years ago. It’s all about spotify numbers an content engagement.


RIPDAYDREAM: Let's get into your new single 'Walls (feat. Babyg)'. What inspired the creation of this song and can you walk us through the creative process behind it?

YN Drako: I heard a song titled “La Vida Es Fría” by Jason Joshua an sent it to a producer I know up north (DJ Lack Of Sleep) telling him how much I loved the vibe and wanted him to create a beat similar to it, but also something I could put my own spin on. Five months later he sends back the beat and I immediately started writing. At the time I was preparing for my first out of state trip to work with my manger (Justin Hansen) for the first time and wanted to come prepared with a few songs pre-wrote. “Walls” was one of those songs. One of the things Justin wanted me doing while I was out there was working with artists in his area that had some motion already behind there name but also matched my vibe an energy as an artist. “Baby G” was the first artist he sent the rough draft of walls too an he immediately loved it. Baby G was one of the nicest people I ever met an even gave my fiancé and I a toast to our engagement. the next day after Justin sent him the song he came to the crib an we made three songs together over the course of a few hours. crazy how you never know how hits are made until it happens.


RIPDAYDREAM: When you look back at your first song compared to the music you create now, what are some differences in your work?

YN Drako: My purpose in music changed a few times over the years. When I first started it was just a hobby to take my mind off of school an the people who made fun of me. Then once I graduated and started getting more attention in my city I started to take myself more seriously. I went from singing any word that rhymed to spending weeks on songs about a specific emotion to connect with my listeners. Once I found the “YN Drako” sound, everything started making sense.

RIPDAYDREAM: What would you like to share about yourself or the new single that you think someone reading would like to know?

YN Drako: I don’t think many people know this, but I work full time hours at a sushi restaurant while juggling my music career an my engagement with my fiancé. Time to myself isn’t a thing anymore, I’ve never been closer to accomplishing what I set out to do seven years ago when I started, so the only option is working harder until my family and me are stable.


RIPDAYDREAM: What's the next step for you and what can your fans expect from you in the near future?

YN Drako: Right now we’re only releasing singles, just to build up more of a spotify following so that we can have the right numbers behind us. My manger really has a master plan for me, but I can’t give away all the sauce haha.


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