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I have known Peech for about three years now, both from working with him and watching from the sidelines. There is dedication to your craft and then there is a natural born talent for it. Peech has given a part of his soul to music which sounds demonic when said out loud, but actually is just love for your passion. This 20 year old artist from Park City, Utah has beaten the odds stacked against him and has released his debut album, These Times Don't Feel Right. The best word to describe this project is rejuvenating.

The thirteen song project dives into Peech's past, present and future. Hitting on themes of raw emotion, uncensored feelings, and youthfulness. Reflections into our own lives where we have allowed a creeping feeling of pain or lack of acceptance into us. Contrary to belief, an outcast can be an advantage. Music is a huge escape for many people and Peech gives his audience somewhere to go and feel connected. There is everything from late night melodic songs to your new turn up anthem. I asked Peech what he wanted his audience to get from this project, and he said, " Whatever it is that they need. Dive deep, listen closely, and reflect." It made me think about how music comes to all of us at the time we need it most.

Shuffling to track three is 'Punching Bag ft. Anthony Ortiz'. I immediately noticed the production behind the song. Over half of the production on the album needs to be credited to Adam Banx. The energy these two have in the studio is unmatched. There is attention to detail on tone and tempo. Its very interesting to hear Peech's vocal style be mixed with very different beats and still sound amazing. For Peech, the song has to give him chills to even be considered. The cohesive project has created some of his best work yet, but I was told this is not even close to where he wants to be.

The picture is a lot bigger than Peech himself. He does this for his mom and family. Watching his mother struggle as he grew up and do everything she could for her children has made his number one priority to provide for his family. This album in a way, symbolizes Peech's growth up until now. A path is set for his future and with a solid team around him I can see a strong music career. We will let Peech take in this experience, and check back in with his future projects to come.


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