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Xedrin - Life Cycles

After nearly two years fans can rest easy with the return collaboration between Xedrin and Buppy. Life Cycles is the second installment of Xedrins 2022 rollout as a sister song to his previous release Butterflies. This song looks at a dark and messy toxic relationship. Discussing the feeling of abandonment, betrayal, and hopelessness the new single opens a door into Xedrins heart and his growth from this experience. Vocalizing his anger towards himself for getting caught in this cycle and his distaste for what he allowed to go on for so long. The silver lining is his realization of where he was and the decision to put his foot down to stop it all and grow up.

“Imagine Butterflies as an event or object itself, and Life Cycles is the shadow

it casts...”

Accompanied by a brilliant music video directed and edited by Xedrins brother Michael Graef the video sets out to showcase the contrasting emotions someone might feel in a toxic relationship. Focusing on a red and blue aesthetic the colors contrast one another with the fast-changing emotions the two artists are feeling. The song has you caught in self-destructive habits so the video plays around with a series of mirrors to symbolize introspective thoughts. The setting for the video is a luxurious and visually pleasing location that contrasts the lyrics of the song. Sometimes the most beautiful things on the outside have ugly inside of them. Overall the video is a fresh take on such a distressing tale. Xedrin has an undeniable talent and we will be seeing more of him very soon.


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