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  • Anthony Palmer

Zips - Heartless

Zips new single Heartless is bending genres with a fusion of Pop, Punk, and Hip Hop elements. Growing up in Miami FL, he has been exposed to all different types of cultures and music genres. When I first heard a song by Zips it was all Hip Hop and rapping. Now that he has dived into Alternative I am very impressed with how well he has adapted. This song is for those that have quite literally had their heart ripped out by a past significant other. It sucks to feel this pain and Zips portrays these emotions perfectly with this melodic ballad. Digesting the song you almost get the feeling it's a way to get over those that have hurt you. The accompanying music video has a very simple concept, but don't let that fool you. The ending is very shocking with Zips pulling his gruesome heart out symbolizing what the girl had done to him. This dark aesthetic gives the audience PTSD of a time they went through heartbreak. Drawing inspiration from Tyler the Creator's "Yonkers" Zips teamed up with frequent collaborators Ripdaydream to execute his vision.

You can tell music is everything for Zips. I asked him why he loved music and he said, "Music is a soul cleanser that has always assisted me along my journey to improve my mood and elevate my vibration." Zips was fortunate to have a family full of musicians that influenced him to take piano lessons, join choir, and take part in jazz band. Analyzing Zips you notice how well his ear for music is. He has the ability to escape the world around him and just focus on music. His recent obsession is Travis Barker and the revival of Pop/Punk he has created. Zips is continuing to promote and push his fusion sound to his fans. Recently releasing his album "Damages" gives you a little bit of everything. I am excited to watch his growth and openness to expressing his vulnerabilities.

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