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Anthony Palmer is a music video director from Salt Lake City, Utah. He was raised watching cult classic films and fell in love with the idea of being behind a camera. After seven years of working in the film industry he decided to start Ripdaydream. Now after two years of running the production company he has established himself as one of the top music video directors in Utah and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. 

Anthony Palmer



Ian Huber is a cinematographer from Salt Lake City, Utah. Recently moving back to Salt Lake City he has teamed up with Anthony Palmer as lead DP. He has been working in film since 2011, but has always had a passion for story telling. He began working with RipDaydream in 2020 and hopes to help grow the company. His style of film is breaking the norm of typical music videos and adding story telling back in to the industry.

Ian Huber

Director of Photography

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