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Pur2x x 95 Dan - Yin Yang Vol. 2

The much anticipated Yin Yang Tape Vol. 2 just released and the duo is turning heads. Pur2x, originally from South Sudan, met 95 Dan four years ago in Salt Lake City, and from that point on they were locked in the studio together. The two rising artists have found a loyal fanbase and have said there is no finish line for them. With no ceiling for these emerging artists, the focus is to grind and keep elevating their music . I have noticed their growing influence in Salt Lake City, and how much it is doing for the community.

The new album represents the Yin and Yang of their sound. Both artists have made it very clear you can't have one without the other. Both artists compliment each other very well. The very first song announces these artists mean business and want your attention. The best way I can categorize the track-list is some songs you turn up to, some of them make you want to sit back and roll up a joint, and the others have lyricism and deep bars.

Now both living in Salt Lake City, they realize the challenges they face. This city is not Los Angeles and we don't pretend to be. We don't have as many opportunities here, but what Pur2x and 95 Dan know is once everyone starts working more together and the community grows, we will see a new scene get recognized. Even though the project just released these guys are already looking to the future and have hinted at solo projects. If we are lucky possibly a Yin Yang Tape Vol. 3 to complete the trilogy. They both want to be leaders and it's more than just music for them. Make sure to listen to the new album and see them at Spring Fest where they will be opening for Rick Ross.

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