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66Kanoa - Take The Blame

66Kanoa is just like any ordinary person. He wakes up just like you, brushes his teeth like you, and even loves music like you. This is why connecting to him is like second nature. From asking 6 questions he seems like one of the most stand-up dudes I have ever met. Instead of talking a lot about himself, he dove right into his appreciation for artists that have come before him. I have had my fair share of encounters with artists that, to put it short, have tunnel vision, but for 6 he wants to bring people together. His new single Take The Blame, embodies this notion and you can tell 6 took his time to progress his sound.

Recently a rebirth took place for 66Kanoa. He wanted to learn more about himself as a person as well as the sound he wanted to produce. Incomes a FaceTime from long time friend and producer DXCKLIN. For those that don't know DXCKLIN, 6 said, "that boy never misses." Now during this FaceTime/studio session, a stellar guitar riff, hook, and first verse were conceived. Flash forward to a little reunion in the 801 and the track was finished. This song sheds light on those who get blamed far too often. The gentle Mac DeMarco drum and guitar instrumental invites you in, but the honest lyricism will make you stay. The song goes through the emotions of needing someone that in reality is not healthy for you. 6 does a hell of a job making something sad and almost hopeless seem beautiful.

The new single is just the beginning for 66Kanoa. His self titled EP "Run Til We Fall" is coming for your audio pleasure very soon. I am proud to announce that he is also headlining a concert on June 2nd that you won't want to miss. I am very impressed with 66Kanoa's growth and the sound he is experimenting with. Summer is coming and while you are tanning your white legs or driving to the nearest lake, make sure to bump the new single. I have a feeling its about to be 6 season.

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