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HEEVA, a Tongan artist raised in Salt Lake City, epitomizes the essence of prioritizing passion and music above all else. His singular mission revolves around infusing positivity into every chord and lyric, ensuring his melodies resonate across diverse audiences, be it amidst family gatherings, workplace hustle, or casual hangouts with friends. What sets HEEVA apart is the infectious vibe he effortlessly injects into his compositions, drawing heavily from the rich roots of R&B and Reggae. At the heart of his artistry lies an unwavering dedication to authenticity and sincerity. HEEVA's music finds its deepest wellsprings of inspiration in the boundless love he holds for his wife, a theme that permeates his soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. In a world hungry for genuine connections, HEEVA's music serves as both a testament to enduring love and a beacon of hope, uniting listeners under the universal language of rhythm and harmony. Continue reading our interview below to learn more.


RIPDAYDREAM: We have had people request to do interviews before, but I don't think we have had this many people suggest an artist before. Your sister even reached out and talked very highly of you and I knew we had to make it happen. I have a lot of questions to dive into, but first I will give you the floor to introduce yourself to our readers and who Heeva is.

HEEVA: I appreciate it! My name is HEEVA, a Tongan born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT. My goal as an artist is to make music that I love and hope it somewhat resonates with anyone listening. Growing up around a heavy R&B presence, I took that influence and started making my own R&B, Pop, and now Country songs. Most of my songs are made to make you feel good, fall in love, or think about God.


RIPDAYDREAM: Right off the bat, I noticed you just seem very genuine. Even if you are bringing up topics about being anxious or struggling you seem to be always uplifting which is rare. What kind of message do you aim for your community and fans?

HEEVA: My goal is to spread positivity and good energy through my music. I want my songs to be played in any setting whether it's at home with the family, at work, or out with some friends. I've always wanted my songs to hit but also be clean enough to bump around any audience. Most of my songs are made to make you feel good, fall in love, or think about God.

RIPDAYDREAM: There is no debate your voice is immaculate. I think it just fits perfectly into the Pop and R&B lane which has been your bread and butter. Tell us how you got started in music and how you developed your voice since you started.

HEEVA: I was always singing in choirs and doing song covers as a kid. I had a vocal coach by the name of Ana Tafisi for a few years that helped me develop not only my voice, but an ear for good melodies and harmonies. It wasn't until the pandemic though, that I started writing original songs. Being locked in during quarantine forced me to open the creative part of my mind and start singing over beats. I put out a few songs in 2020 that got great reactions from my followers and decided to keep going.


RIPDAYDREAM: Where would you say most of your influence or ideas come from for your lyrics and music compositions?

HEEVA: As far as sound, I've taken a lot of influence from my R&B and Reggae roots. I model a lot of my music after artists like Luther Vandross, Fiji, Boyz II Men, Spawnbreezie, and Heatwave. When it comes to writing inspiration, my biggest muse is my wife. I love writing songs for and about her and the words come naturally. Other than that, I just write about real everyday stuff. From me hating my job, to me cruising down the highway, to me talking to God. I write about everything and try to keep it real and genuine.

RIPDAYDREAM: One of your biggest songs, 'Smile', really hits home and also comes back to you spreading positivity. It reminds us of Pharrell Williams song, 'Happy', because it's one of those tracks that just makes you realize things will be okay. Walk me through your creative process for this track and how you conceptualized it. 

HEEVA: This song randomly happened! I was going through beats one day on Youtube with my wife when I found the "Smile" one. She said she really loved the vibe of it and thought I should write over it, so I did. I didn't write a single word at first...just listened to the beat on a loop to see what feelings and melodies came to me. I started humming the first verse melody and I saw her face light up. From there, I just filled in that melody with a picture of me having the best day of my life and started writing. I thought about times when life sucked and what I did to bounce back from being down. When I took it to the studio, I wanted it to sound bigger and take my listeners to church. So I put together a small choir of family members and we made a masterpiece!


RIPDAYDREAM: Can you dive into your new song, ''The One'', and what listeners can expect when they press play?

HEEVA: "The One" is a term used to describe a lifetime lover. Everyone dreams of finding "The One" that they can spend the rest of their life with. This song tells the story of my desire to become "The One" for my wife. This is the first full acoustic song I've ever done and it's meant to hit you right in the feels. It features an Acoustic guitar, a falsetto chorus, and just the right amount of harmonies. What else could you ask for?


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