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In the very heart of the 801 music scene, Roses On The Moon radiates nothing but good vibes, captivating audiences with their infectious positivity. Their harmonies bring hope to their community amidst the backdrop of loss. Vehnu Moon and Bobby B Mac, individually acclaimed in their own right, found solace and purpose in joining forces as Roses On The Moon. Teaming up from the depths of grief over the loss of their daughters, became a beacon of healing through the transformative power of music. Together, they embark on a journey of catharsis, infusing Indie Pop/R&B with a wave of emotional depth. Through their music, they deliver a poignant message of family, community, and the promise of brighter days ahead. Roses On The Moon invites listeners to embrace vulnerability, offering a sanctuary where one can feel welcomed, and discover the light at the end of the tunnel.


RIPDAYDREAM: I am very excited about this interview because I don't know if there has been a more dynamic duo to link up with before in the 801 scene. Both of you have your own accolades so to join forces is insane. For our readers that aren't familiar yet with Roses On The Moon can you introduce yourselves and what they can expect when pressing play on one of your songs? 

Roses On The Moon: We appreciate you having us bro! We are Roses on the Moon, an indie pop/RnB duo comprised of brothers Vehnu Moon & Bobby B Mac. Honestly, when you hit play on one of our tracks we want you to feel the vibes of vulnerability, and know it’s okay to feel certain emotions that the song may bring out of you. Whether that’s a happy vibe or even a sad vibe! We just want to create a safe space to let our listeners know that it’s okay to feel what you’re feeling!


RIPDAYDREAM: Let's take a trip down memory lane for you two because I am curious how music entered both of your lives and at what point did you both feel inspired enough to release your own songs?

Roses On The Moon: We both grew up singing in church and at family functions so music has been a part of our lives since an early age. As far as our family, our dad (BSide) was doing music & battle rap while we were growing up. His older brother Jeff (RIP) founded the Salt Lake Posse, a DJ crew that played gigs all throughout the city, and from there stemmed our uncle DJ Wiz, and his son DJ Malfunktion. Last but not least, our uncles Eddie & Eugene were a part of one of the 1st Polynesian pop/r&b groups: The Jets. So as you can tell our ties with music stretch back generations, if anything we’re building off of the foundations that were previously laid for us. Once we both decided to pursue our music journey we already felt ready for it because we had so many creatives in the family for us to bounce ideas off of or even just study.

RIPDAYDREAM: I am a very visual person and so listening to your debut album from start to finish I felt like I was in a nostalgic movie. I think Indie Pop/R&B is one of the more powerful genres and can allow more emotion to be present. What was the drawing factor for both of you to step into a lane that is not common in the music scene you are apart of?

Roses On The Moon: For those who’ve been following us for some time, they know we both lost our youngest daughters (LONG LIVE EMERY & JOZEY) in the year 2022. And for us, we came to a realization, a paradigm shift if you would, that we started a wave of healing/positive music with our hit song “GATSBY.” Although we knew we could make the more trendy/aggressive music that would appeal to the mainstream, we figured we’d be doing a disservice to our babies & our loved ones if we didn’t tap into our higher selves and spread love and healing through our music. We want our listeners to feel welcomed when they come across our music, our shows or even just meeting us in person.


RIPDAYDREAM: Your most recent release, 'Save Me', invites listeners into your emotional pain. There is a heartbreaking story behind this song and I have no doubt making this song was a painful, but powerful experience. Talk about your experience making this song and what it means to you both. 

Roses On The Moon: So Vehnu had actually wrote that song a few days after his daughter passed, and honestly that studio session felt like it was 100 hours long because we couldn’t get through the recording process without getting emotional. Grief is a very impactful emotion, it’s also one that kind of just creeps on you and can consume your entire being. This song tells a story of us both feeling trapped inside of that grief and not knowing how to navigate through it. It’s hard for us to even listen to that song now without feeling that grief all over again. Our message within that song for our listeners is this: No matter how hard it gets, no matter how low you get, there’s a light at the end of that tunnel. And at the end of the day, you’ll come to realize that only you can save yourself from that heartache. But at the same time, you’re never alone! Even though we may not be there to comfort you physically, we do hope that our music is able to help you along your healing journey.

RIPDAYDREAM: You both grew up in Rose Park, UT and have come up with other Polynesian artists who are making waves in the scene. I noticed as well you are both a part of Moon Gang, that's stacked with talented artists. Can you explain the symbolism of "moon" and how it has become a part of not only your duo name but a trademark for anything associated with you? 

Roses On The Moon: First off, big shoutout to the gang! We can’t even begin to tell them how proud we are of them and how far they’ve all come! As far as the name, our last name is Masina (Samoan) which in English translates to Moon. And that’s we’ve wanted to create here, is a family. No matter your background, no matter where you’re from, or where you’re headed, you are our family and we will be there for each other through all the ups & downs. Both in our musical journeys and our personal lives as well. And that also stretches towards people who listen to us, those who work with us, or are just within our vicinity. We’re a community. Aside from that, the moon itself represents a very healing energy. From birth/death to enlightenment. It’s a shining light in the dark and that’s we see our group as, a beacon for others to navigate through their lives or their experiences. Our hope is that every one of our members are able to get to the point where they can stand on their own two outside of the group and In turn guide others to do the same. We’re firm believers in the saying “High tides raise all boats.”


RIPDAYDREAM: One thing I noticed right away is community seems very important to you both. Being two prominent figures in the music scene what message or image do you guys want to portray with your music?

Roses On The Moon: Be authentically you! It’s easy to give in to what’s ‘cool’ or what’s ‘accepted’ and we understand that. It took us our entire lives just to get to the point where we’re at now and we’re okay with that. The only thing any of us have control over is ourselves, so if you are looking to change your surroundings, your circumstances, or your life it starts with you first.

RIPDAYDREAM: Can you give our readers any sneak peeks or hints about what's next for Rose On The Moon?

Roses On The Moon: We do have a single coming out soon that features a very prominent figure in the music industry! We’re excited for y’all to hear this record.


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