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Meet RSD, an artist whose music defies convention in the most captivating manner. With a sound that beckons those with open minds and a hunger for experiential engagement, RSD stands at the forefront of musical innovation in the 801 music scene. Embracing a grunge and punk aesthetic both in her fashion choices and her sonic creations, she authentically captivates listeners, drawing them into her world with raw authenticity. At the heart of her artistry lies the fundamental essence of music: to evoke emotion, and RSD accomplishes this with unparalleled prowess, leaving audiences spellbound with every chord and lyric. Continue reading our interview below to learn more.


RIPDAYDREAM: Right away when I first checked out your music I knew you had something special.  I have so many questions, but before we dive in can you introduce yourself to our readers and what they can expect when they press play on an RSD song.

RSD: That always means a lot to hear because my intention is to give the audience something different! I’m RSD and I make music for those with an open mind, people who have felt the ups and downs in life and I feel when you listen to my songs they offer you an experience to feel your emotions.


RIPDAYDREAM: One thing I really like about you is from first glance over your socials and aesthetic you are effortlessly cool. From your music to your fashion style It feels like you live in the moment and I can appreciate that. Now you can correct me if I am wrong, but this didn't happen overnight. Walk me through what inspired your aesthetic and music direction.

RSD: Appreciate that so much!! I can definitely definitely agree with that, I take a lot of my inspiration when it comes to the energy of the song I’m working on based on how I feel emotionally at that moment in time. I knew the direction I wanted to go with my music once I dropped my first track Thoughts and Forgiveness. feat Kali on Soundcloud. That song meant a lot to me and had a lot of emotion behind it. The feedback of the song really opened my mind and made me realize that people relate to me and that I’m not alone and inspired me to continue to create things that were authentic to me and allowed me to express myself, for me and others. When it comes to my aesthetic I really just think of ideas and bring them to life. I’ve always loved grunge/ punk styles.

RIPDAYDREAM: The more I listen to 'WOLF' the more I get obsessed. It is dark, seductive, gritty, and different in the best way. I feel you bring something fresh new to the scene here and we need more of that. Walk me through the creative process of this song.

RSD: WOLF was originally a freestyle, but was changed slightly when released. I often like to find beats similar to this and freestyle rap/ sing on them and WOLF just had this perfect mixture of both light and dark feminine energy and I knew it’d be the perfect song to drop to introduce these new projects I have coming soon.


RIPDAYDREAM: What initially inspired you to venture into music?

RSD: Writing has always been like a therapy to me and I would love to write poems a lot growing up. I’ve also always been into music and grew up listening to a lot of different genres which really inspired my style/ aesthetic. I started writing songs with my older sister when we were super young and at 13 dropped my first track which was a poem I had turned into a song. a lot of my songs now are also from poems I’ve written.

RIPDAYDREAM: What do you hope listeners take away from your music?

RSD: I hope when people listen to my music it brings them a good feeling often people tell me my music brings a calm energy which I love because I definitely put that intention into my music. overall the experience of RSD is to feel emotion.


RIPDAYDREAM: Can you give us a sneak peek into new music or projects you are working on for this year?

RSD: I have two songs I’ll be dropping in the near future this year. BLIND & SINK. These tracks have my signature style but I feel more elevated and upbeat which will give a good idea of what to expect in my future projects!


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