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Dewey - Not Feelin Good

Pack your bags and hold on to your hats because Dewey's new music video for his single Not Feelin' Good takes you on a wild ride. Focusing on everything electrifying about the process of making a music video this is a much watch. The video literally starts with the caption, "The events that are about to take place may or may not have happened." The video starts with Dewey on the side of the road where he is picked up by a monkey in a corvette. If that doesn't sound like trouble I don't know what else does. This takes him through a series of adventures in a very trippy forest. Drawing inspiration from FlatBush Zombies music videos everything is not as it appears to be. Let's just say your eyes will thank you for watching this hectic masterpiece.

The ninteen-year-old artist is turning heads with his alternative vocalization. Not coming from a music background and having a troubling childhood Dewey found comfort in music when he met Harry a.k.a Peech. Dewey pulled a 360 and went from playing sports to focusing fully on music. He was a star athlete, but the challenge of writing music pushed him in a different direction. This wasn't easy for him at first and lead him down a darker path that now has since settled out. Dewey has since created a prodigious discography of music that caught my attention right away. I asked him what his direction in music was right now and he said, "As of now, my discography is a timeline of my emotions through my life and I hope to keep it that way as this is something I want the world to hear and understand." The origin story of his new single comes from one early afternoon when his stomach decided he needed to release whatever was inside. This prompted the beginning of making the song with a little freestyling and a trip to Red Light Recording Studio we get his next melodic sensation. I asked Dewey what the song meant to him and he said, "For me, the song is about taking more time to yourself, a manifestation of someone to love and be with and also I get more personal with the second verse talking about some more opinionated things towards the pharmaceutical companies and me expressing some aspects of my personality." With a new release under his belt marks now the hibernation and slow process for creating the next hit single. I can guarantee you though whatever comes next we don't deserve it.


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