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KANE PT*2 - A Conversation with FERRARI$MOKE

The highly anticipated Kane PT*2 by FERRARI$MOKE is officially out, and it does not disappoint. I was fortunate enough to gain early access to the three-song project, and I couldn't stop contemplating the word "raw." I spoke to him about the prevalent theme of raw lyrics, raw beats, and raw emotion in every aspect of this project. "Honestly, I just wanted to create music that was solely about the music and not confined to any specific genre," he added, describing to me why this project, which diverges from his typical style, was so important to explore. If you have been following FERRARI$MOKE, you know that the Utah music scene wouldn't be the same without him. Whether he's providing influence or support for other artists, there is no denying that we need more artists like him. Keep reading to learn more about FERRARI$MOKE's obstacles, musical background, and everything there is to know about Kane PT*2.


Ripdaydream: I want to start by learning more about your background. More specifically how did you first become interested in music?

FERRARI$MOKE: Being the youngest of 3, I grew up with music in the household. My mom played a lot of r&b / soul and rock like pink floyd , queen, prince and my pops played neo soul soul and a lot of rap like Al green , Jay Z , LL Cool J and the early pioneers. But we would listen to music as a family out loud and clean on Sunday’s, I think that’s where I grew my appreciation for music and how it brings ppl together. Always thought of it like a family thing. I was mad young listening to like Nas , and The Roots and really when my oldest sister started her deep dig into music, printing off lyrics and putting them on the walls, hanging posters and rapping poems like the Fugees- that had a huge influence on the household in general. We shared a room at one point and when she got her own room and started to decorate it with Rob and fashion - I was completely locked in.


Ripdaydream: How do you think your background or personal experiences have influenced your music?

FERRARI$MOKE: My personal experience with music has definitely been an emotional connection to say the least. I feel like I always came across the right artists at the right times in music. Whether it was coming of age or helping me get in or out of a certain mindset , it’s always been a deep feeling. Music saved me a couple of times When i was young, like 13 all throughout high school , I took music so seriously in the sense of I would strictly listen to 90s rap / r&b and that very much controlled the way I moved. And movies , I grew up heavy on classics like house party , juice, new jack city, paid n full, and other black cinematic masterpieces. I always been very impressionable with music and my fav artists. But I was on Nas , the Roots, and Mos Def time heavy lol - so that actually got me writing poetry and deeper writings and reading a lot. My appreciation for writing definitely grew around this age from that and I would say just that mindset - but also going through life as a young black male tryin to navigate and find myself , but making some bad decisions and hanging out with the “wrong” crowd out of curiosity, woke me up to the fuck shit life could bring outside of music and arts and films. Definitely has given me a lot to write about. But reading and writing as a youngin helped my creativity more than i ever thought it could.

Ripdaydream: Talk about any obstacles you had to overcome to get to where you are today.

FERRARI$MOKE: Some huge obstacles I had to overcome are mainly the ones you have to overcome internally. Like if you know me and see me in my element, i’m pretty outgoing and room filling , loud asf , and clown out but it took me a long long time to not being so introverted. and i’m still working on that. Around like 9th/ 10th grade , I got hit with a huge wave of depression that stuck with me and still something i’m on going fighting but one main force of that was the social aspect. I did dinner theater a couple years in JR high , and done a good about of open mics or reciting my poetry- so it came to my surprise when I found I had stage fright when it came to RAPPING or sharing my music on stage. Jus not feeling good enough in - Especially in such a small, everyone feels like they know you after they finally know and recognize you type of City. Coming to SLC in 2017 and pursuing music sounded so insane and some times it felt like that. I had imposter syndrome even though I knew who i was. It all starts in the mental and back then, my mental got in the way a lot. But music and creation is therapy for me so I just kept on trying. But know you’re him and having to convince other ppl for the wrong reasons or what ever the paradox to your greatness is , I struggled with realizing that in myself as much as my peers or inner circle could see that or at least sparks of that in me.


Ripdaydream: Lets get into your new EP - KANE PT*2 . What inspired the creation of this EP and can you walk us through the creative process behind it?

FERRARI$MOKE: Honestly just wanting to make music that was just about the music and not bound to the specific genre it falls in. Like for the last maybe 2 years or so , i’ve been wanting to make music that I myself listened to on the daily, R&B and punk. I’m inspired by rap and hip hop but not as much as the culture, my culture, of rap and hip hop inspires me outside of the sonics of rap. The musical representation of rap and hip hop is flawless. But musically R&B and punk , alt rock inspires me more beyond the musical representation of a lot of other music - in the sense of seeing other artists go so hard in their respected lane, makes me want to see how far I can go and learn outside of rap. Ofc the cultural of music isn’t jus black and white. But that’s basically what I set out to do with my catalog.

Writing a new project outside my rapper brain, I ended up with like 9 initial songs written, and some recorded but honestly KANE PT. 2 is only 3 songs because those three, musically — that’s where i’m taking music moving forward. The creative approach is a lot more of a mixture of what I grew up listening to and being inspired as an artist by. It takes a lot of putting your ego to the side to actually TRY to sing so high or make a pop song , punk song, what ever song without it sounding too try hard or corny — Making tasteful music out of something that is so easy to cringe at is FIIIIRE to me, I always thought that , that’s why I like other genres cuz rap is just naturally cool asf. But when realized I could do that too , that’s when I realized I wanted to continue to hold no bounds to my music and just create. KANE PT. 2 is just a heat check to show you the 3 main styles of my music to come. So I hope, literally everyone finds something or a favorite from the eclectic approach.

Ripdaydream: How does this new release differ from your previous work, and what makes it unique?

FERRARI$MOKE: If you listened to my past work, even are a huge fan , you’ll find that on this tape, KANE 2 , I sound completely comfortable and leveled up even in my rapping bag. The whole experience of making new music wasn’t just KANE PT 2. (the other music not on KANE 2 is coming) It was a huge bag and range of music that leveled me up and it’s clear to hear with KANE PT. 2. This tape is me really coming into my “comfortable with my unknown musical inspirations” a lot more introspective writing and delivery.


Ripdaydream: Are there any specific musical or stylistic elements in this EP that you're particularly excited about or proud of?

FERRARI$MOKE:Yea, I’m very proud of my pop punk style of music and wildly excited for y’all to hear the rest I have to come.


Ripdaydream: When I listen to the EP I keep coming back to the word raw. Raw lyrics, raw beats, raw emotion and it seems to be a theme for you. Can you talk more about this?

FERRARI$MOKE: “Raw” is a good word for that for real. I feel like in the short 8 mins I was able to deliver vulnerability and lyrical execution on all of the tracks, Especially Position and Internal. KANE 2 is like listening to all my “imperfections” and accepting them for its own. I kept in a lot natural breaths and more emotional energy and relied less on perfections around engineering to carry the songs. It’s a huge difference and what makes everything sound “Raw” , even IGRY which is more autotuned. That and again being more introspective with my songs and lyrics, i don’t think i’ve rlly given the listeners that in completion.

Ripdaydream: You have been putting on for the Utah music scene for long period of time now. Why should people check out the scene here and how would you like to see it grow?

FERRARI$MOKE: SLC has the best unground ART scene i’ve seen or mangled with. It’s very under saturated but there’s a lot out here. from fashion, to photography and videography, to music, to sports. it’s absolutely beautiful and i feel like myself along side a lot of creatives out here has build something worth noticing. I really want the creatives of our city to stand out like artist from ATL, or CHI stand out. I would love to see the growth just come with the recognition. There’s a lot dope shit happening in SLC rn especially, i just think the growth will come with the recognition to true talents.


Ripdaydream: What would you like to share about yourself and the EP that you think someone reading would like to know?

FERRARI$MOKE: I think people should know that actually TRYING at something is dope as shit. Like not having an opinion that you’re married to is dope. Not everything is for everybody but something’s for someone out there, you know. Art is subjective, so fuck it , rlly do what you want with art. That’s what KANE 2 is. I told some ppl the idea before i had it and they looked at me WILD like “punk??? pop?? nahhh” but they jus didn’t see it how i did. so , fuck it. We hear with it anyway.


Ripdaydream: What's the next step for you after this release, and what can your fans expect from you in the near future?

FERRARI$MOKE: after this ima stay consistent with music. I want to give y’all some amazing visuals. And skits lol I been working on my skits and “acting” on camera more in videos. But rlly , jus a leveled up artists. I have some dope shows coming up. That’s what you can expect.


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